Pets for Sale/Backyard Puppymills

I have been looking for a small dog for an elderly neighbor on Craigslist and I am amazed at what I see on their website.

People crossbreeding all sorts of small/large dogs, giving them a "designer" name and asking outrageous prices for "mutts".  Sure they are "cute" they are doing it "for the money", not for their love of animals.  The defination of "puppymill" needs to include these people also.

People who get an animal (dog or cat) and then "don't have time for them" or "we are moving and can't take them with us" or they've "outgrown" my apartment/house, or we've had a baby and now the dog is a problem, or we're moving and it will be "to stressful" on the animal or now I have to many pets and the last one I got is the first one to go.  Are people that stupid that they can't think ahead? Now they are selling them with an outrageous "rehoming fee", because now the need to "recoup" their investment.  They also put on their "if you can't pay my fee, they you can't afford the vet bill to take care of this animal".  Is the animal going to need a lot of vet care or just the usual stuff?  A lot of the time an animal isn't even spayed/neutered and charging a large "rehoming" fee doesn't insure your animal is going to a good home, it just insures you need "to make a few bucks" before you dump and forget it. 

An animal is part of your family, until for some people, they become inconvenient or old and then you don't want them any more.  Adopt an animal from a shelter and give it a lot of thought before you do, or if you are not sure about getting an pet, donate/sponsor an animal at the shelter or even volunteer.

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