Justice for Thor and Charlie! Give Ray Neuberger the MAX penalty for Animal Abuse!

Ray Neuberger, 34, was charged on a warrant with four counts of first-degree malicious wounding of an animal for multiple injuries. The police allege he burned and beat Thor and Charlie, his fiancee's Cavalier King Charles spaniels. Demand the Superior Court of Bridgeport throw the book at him and that he recieve the maximum penalty for animal abuse. His next court date is April 16th, so please sign and share the petition now!

The eight-page arrest warrant details burns sustained by Thor and Charlie, as well as multiple rib fractures, and states, "The dogs have suffered injuries beyond any reasonable scope that a healthy dog would sustain, let along two dogs."

The injuries did not occur until Neuberger's fiancee moved into his Stone Ridge condominium.

He told police Thor's burns happened when he accidentally spilled a cup of hot coffee on the dog, while bending down to clean up after Thor. According to the warrant, on June 22, 2017, Neuberger texted his girlfriend, "The worst thing just happened." He said he spilled the coffee on Thor when he was trying to clean some feces off of the dog, and some of the coffee also got on Charlie. He said he put Thor in the tub, but that large clumps of fur began falling out. Thor was brought to the Norwalk VCA Hospital for treatment.

The next day, his owner took Charlie to the veterinarian's office, because she felt his health was declining and there might be something wrong with his ribs.

During their investigation, police also talked to the fiancee's former boyfriend. He said she stopped by his apartment with Charlie on June 23, on her way to the veterinarian. He said she was distraught and the dog was "almost lifeless" in the car. He asked her if Neuberger did that to the dog, and he said she replied, "I don't know; I don't know."

X-rays showed multiple rib fractures and bruising to Charlie's lungs, as well as an elevated liver enzyme, often an indication of blunt force trauma.

Thor's burns covered 8 to 10 percent of his body, and there were exposed nerves. The doctor said it was unlikely that hot coffee could have caused burns so severe. Thor also had elevated liver enzymes.

Both Neuberger and his fiancee told police they had no idea how the dogs were injured, though they suggested Charlie's injuries could have been sustained falling off the bed or couch. Neuberger was adamant, the warrant said, that the burns on Thor were accidental. He also said his fiancee lets the dogs off the leash when at the dog park and that may be where the rib injuries happened.

Charlie was brought back to Norwalk VCA Hospital on July 28 because he was vomiting and had a painful, distended stomach. The veterinarian said there was multiple bruising to his left chest and abdomen caused by trauma. His liver enzymes were again elevated.

In January of this year, Neuberger's fiancee brought Charlie to a veterinarian in Shelton. That doctor found multiple "acute" rib fractures and one chronic healed fracture. When asked if she knew what caused the injuries, she told the animal doctor she did not know.

Information in the petition was derived from the following sites: Fairfield CitizenCourt documents

Update #59 months ago
Ray pled not guilty. Tuesday his bail was raised, he was unable to pay bail & as a result is in JAIL until Thanksgiving.
He's ordered to pay $25,000 fee w/in 2 weeks to go towards improvements @ Bridgeport CT Animal Shelter. If he's not able to pay w/in the next 10 days, he'll have to stay in jail & go through a trial, forfeiting his eligibility for accelerated rehabilitation. Judge ordered no contact w/ dogs for next 2 years while on probation.
Next court date is NOV 21, a disposition hearing
Update #4about a year ago
Monday, July 9 is his next court date and he is expected to enter a plea but she has still not done . This guy has the nerve to start communicating on social media again so feel free to look them up on Facebook and sent him a message letting him know how you feel.
Update #3about a year ago
During Ray's last appearance, he was placed Ray on "AIC" to be monitored for substance abuse while out on bond & placed in jail if found POSITIVE. Ray was found POSITIVE today in court but the Judge did NOT revoke his bond & gave him a warning instead & said Ray would have to have a clean report next time or face consequences. Disappointing. His lawyer asked for a continuance for "reasons of discovery". No plea yet! Next appearance, Friday, June 8th @ 10:00 AM, GA2 Bridgeport Superior Court, CT.
Update #2about a year ago
UPDATE: Raymond Neuberger had his 1st court appearance today at Superior Court in Bridgeport, CT. News 12 CT was in the courtroom taping his appearance. Atty. Ken Bernhard's law office, applied to the court to have Atty Bernhard appointed as Animal Advocate for this case. It was granted. Ray was ordered to enroll in an AIC program, where he'll be monitored for alcohol & substance abuse while free on bond & if he violates terms, his bail could be revoked. Next appearance Mon. April 30th.
Update #1about a year ago
Update! Ray's court date has been moved to Monday April 16th @ 10:00 AM. Let's continue to share this petition and get more signatures!!! I will be delivering this petition to the Judge on the date of his appearance. We are at 10,000 names now. Let's keep going and let them know that just because they have moved this case ahead a week, we will not simply forget about it. Thank you for your support!
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