Save Wild Horses from Deadly Experimental Sterilization Surgeries

The BLM is planning painful and potentially life-threatening medical experiments on wild protected mares in The Warm Springs Herd Management Area.

They want to start the trauma by rounding them up helicopters, by chasing them with helicopters which often results in injuries or death in itself. They will then surgically sterilize the Mares using an experimental and inhumane procedure. The Mares undergo ovariectomies through a colpotomy — an invasive and risky surgery whereby the mare's ovaries are pulled out while the animal remains conscious.

This is painful and there is no aftercare so intestines can pop out of the site and infection is a huge risk. The mares who are pregnant will miscarry and many mares will die. They want to use mares who are in different stages of pregnancy.  They have now had the horses so long they have given birth but in now way changes the fact this is inhumane. 

This proposal is especially unconscionable considering a humane method of population control is available through the use of the proven PZP birth control, which is used with many animals and has a proven success record.

Please join me asking the BLM to not abuse the animals they are supposed to be caring for.

Please send your letters to:   This was updated 5-25-19 the email given out was wrong. So if you already sent please send again. Or call 541-573-4400. Please be polite to those on the phone.

Be aware that BLM is offering a public opportunity to view any comments made by members of the public at their Burns District office.

Update #5about a year ago
This is the last update I will be allowed on this petition . BLM has decided that they are going to do the experiments!! They say the horses are no long pregnant but It doesn't matter as this a last resort on domestic horses in hospital setting and this will be in the field. Please sign and join me To follow up on this issue.
Also call you congress and Senate officals and ask them to help. Just enter your zip. Thank You!
Update #41 years ago
The BLM have stopped their plans. The mares have been rounded up so are now and trying to get them released. This petition did help so a huge thank you. I am working on another petition along this same lines to save horse from Slaughter I will up date you when I do. I will keep this active for now so if they try again I will have this ready. I wanted to Thank you all so very much. You helped save Mares and Foals from being killed so take pride in making a difference. THANK YOU!!
Update #31 years ago
"U.S. District Court Judge today issued a preliminary injunction to stop the (BLM) from proceeding with controversial experiments to surgically remove the ovaries of wild mares in Oregon. The experiments were set to begin this month on mares rounded up from the Warm Springs HMA ." It will be challenged but it gives us time to get this blocked permantly. I will keep this going and will take it in to BLM and to Others. There are also other lawsuits pending So hope this is over soon!!
Update #21 years ago
It has been deemed cruel and inhumane and led to the withdrawal of two prominent universities from participating in this shameful act.--
Update #11 years ago
The college has dropped out so thank you and now we are adjusting to have emails go to BLM
I have updated the site to reflect that.
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