• by: SUE LEE
  • target: Local Law Enforcers, State Reps

What a great friendship these two young men had, getting together to share their marijuana alongside devastating photos of dog fights and severely injured animals.  The two young men, 19 and 21 years of age were recently busted on suspicion of drugs, startling Oklahoma officials who not only found marijuana and paraphernalia but also a dog with fresh wounds from fighting, a shallow grave in the yard for a dead Pit Bull with horrific lacerations, and videos and photos of how they were injured and died.

Also confiscated was the cell phone of one of the men which stored graphic, violent and disturbing videos of dogs fighting with agonizing wounds and injuries.  Also shown were small puppies as bait dogs and being trained to fight. Watch this graphic and disturbing video at -  The injuries on the dogs showed puncture wounds and flesh being sutured so the animals could continue to fight.  More disturbing was the video of Tank the pitbull bleeding to death in the bathtub! This poor dog lost its life due to these sick human beings!  Another agonizing fact is that these dog fights were done right in front of a young child of one of the perpetrator.

These guys show off these videos proudly as they train and fight their animals to their demise.  You could hear some of these babies screaming and whimpering while being inflicted with the pain of a dog fight. All these precious animals, from the time of birth, were subjected to fighting and killing each other while sick-minded individuals paid good money to be entertained by such acts.  One female was found and appeared to have only been used for breeding. Little did she know her babies were being born for the purpose of a blood-sport and early demise!!

These guys were charged with 11 counts, including cruelty to animals, instigating or encouraging dogfights, leaving carcass within 14 miles of highway, use of firearm while committing a felony and possession of dangerous dogs and currently in custody, according to court records, with bonds set at $34,000 each. I’d say, not enough for what they did to these poor living beings that had no choice or protection.  These were young men that were obviously led down the wrong road in life when growing up with no morals, compassion or drive to get educated and a career while learning to respect all living creatures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Humane Society and other officials suggest that, in order to protect pit bulls that have been rescued, be cautious of placing them in homes without careful screening and investigating along with regular follow-ups so that what happened in these videos does not occur again, subjecting adoptees to that kind of life and possible demise!!   If you have information about illegal animal fighting in your area or anywhere, you can call HSUS’ animal fighting tip line at 877-TIP-HSUS and your information will be kept confidential. You will not only save lives but also be rewarded with up to $5,000 for taking a stand.


Local Law Enforcers and State Reps,

Step up the laws and punishment for these guys that engage in such blood sports as dog fighting.  Without stricter laws, punishment and awareness by all people, these poor animals will never have a chance – and these criminals will continue doing what they do tormenting animals through vicious and unjust dog fights.  IT IS ANIMAL ABUSE AND CRUELTY!!!  PLEASE HELP DO SOMETHING TO SAVE THE DOGS!

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