NO MORE KILL SHELTERS! Ban the use of euthanasia in Shelters.

    "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." ― Mahatma Gandhi

    In January 2017, it was recorded that there is an estimated 2.7 MILLION adoptable animals euthanized across the United States EVERY YEAR and that crushes my heart. I have a female two and a half year old pitbull mix and a male one year old maine-coon/orange tabby mix cat. Those two are everything to me and I can't imagine where I'd be without them. Animals have the ability to change as persons life for the better and people have the ability to change an animals life for the better, but Kill Shleters take that away from so many people and so many animals.

    So who are these people to decide what animal dies, and which gets to live? Why is this okay? They can't put a time limit on love and a happy life.
    Shelters are supposed to help animals! People that love animals are supposed to work at Shelters!
    Don't you dare say that you love animals while picking and choosing which of their lives you're going to take away today.

    To those people killing animals at Kill Shelters; think about it...
    That dog that you killed yesterday? A family saw an Ad for him and they were going to come adopt him today. He was going to have his happy ending in his forever home, but you took that away from him.
    That cat you killed? An older couple was waiting for a cat just like her, but when they got to the shelter, no cat there was compatible because you killed the only one that was.

    People make a choice every day to support the killing of hundreds of innocent animals by ignoring it. But today, it's time to acknowledge it. We see the commercials on TV, all of those helpless cats and dogs, neglected and abused. It breaks our hearts. They're just waiting for their turn to be given another shot at life and when a Kill Shelter takes in animals just like that, they are not helping them, they are giving them a time limit. Those animals aren't given a fair chance, they need love and they need hope, but when they think they're being "saved" and it turns out that a few months later, they're dying just because they weren't given the time to find that home?
    Is that right? No.
    They kill animals everyday to "make room for more animals", but why? Because if those new animals dont get adopted by the time that they think is important, they'll kill them too.



    They are the representation of Death disguised as a Shelter Worker.
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