Freedom for pigs in misery

  • by: Maria Hurley
  • target: Government Minister for Primary Industries New Zealand , Nathan Guy

Five years ago, horrifying footage of pigs confined to filthy sow stalls shocked the nation, and the New Zealand government undertook to phase out this practice.

It is now 2014, and recent new footage show pigs living in appalling conditions, confined to crates which are  swarming with rats, and covered with faeces. Dead pigs are left lying  amongst the living, and then one of the live creatures is seen being hit with a hammer. Others are stomped on, kicked and crushed. 

We demand that Nathan Guy call on the Government to ban sow stalls and farrowing crates in line with the European Union (where crates have been banned since January 2013) and with Tasmania's recents initiatives.

Sow stalls are 60cm wide by 2 metres long, allowing the animal to stand or lie down only, inevitably leading  to  joint disorders, as well as digestive, heart , lung and urinary diseases. The sows have to give birth in farrowing crates and the piglets are removed to fattening pens for the duration of their short miserable lives.

The Ministry for Primary Industries, Nathan Guy, has failed these, and other farm animals. There is no independent body responsible for animal welfare, and less  than 1% of the ministry budget is devoted to animal welfare. New Zealand earns more than 20 billion dollars in animal exports each year.

 Consumers of pork would surely baulk at the horrifying conditions these animals endure. Please help save these intelligent sentient creatures from a life of horror.

Dear Mr Guy

On behalf of myself and of the 10,500 worldwide signatories ( so far), I urge you to give some consideration to the plight of the farm animals under your care.

I realise that we are entering election time, and that you will be  much occupied , but please give some time to reviewing the welfare of these  noble work animals and putting some legislation in place to improve their lot. 

What would you like your legacy as Minister for Primaries Industries to be? 

The animals need you to use all the resources at your disposal to ensure that they have a dignified and comfortable life for the limited time that they have to be alive.

Please consider especially the banishment of farrowing crates for pigs. They have suffered enough. As Sir Francis Bond Head said;

"There exists perhaps in all creation no animal which has less justice and more injustice shown to him than the pig"

You can change this.

Thankyou for taking time to read this


Dr Maria Hurley

Update #42 years ago
Thanks to all who signed this. I received a letter in August from the Minister advising that he was taking recommendations from advisory bodies on ways to improve the lot of pigs. Furthermore he advises that farrowing crates will be banned from December 2015. There will be updates available on the Ministry website. We shall watch this with interest, but keep the pressure up to make a decent life for these animals.
Bless you all for taking the time to sign and to read this.
Update #32 years ago
Hi Everyone

Thankyou for your interest and care for the pigs in misery. I have downloaded the signatures and will deliver them to the Minister ( and Prime Minister) shortly. The organisation SAFE are also highlighting this issue and are campaigning on an ongoing basis for improved conditions for farm animals. I would like to keep the petition open for now and intend to regularly email the signatures to the Minister, until a response is obtained. Thankyou again for caring.
Update #23 years ago
Today, protests have been organised all over New Zealand by SAFE ( Save Animals From Exploitation), to demand an end to cruel factory farming practices and better treatment for farm animals. I would like to keep the momentum going and present my petition shortly. Thankyou to all you amazing people out there who have signed. I now urge you to send it to all your friends and contacts, so I can reach the target of 10.000.
Update #13 years ago
Thankyou so much to everyone who has signed so far. I am so delighted that there are so many of you out there who care about these animals. I will update you when I have reached my 10.000 target, at which time I will take the petition to the relevant minister. Thanks again ! you are inspirational.. xxx Maria
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