Animal Cruelty in China

  • by: Lori M.
  • target: President Barack Obama
Search the Internet for counterfeit Ugg boots, and you can find some real bargains, but only if you can close your eyes to the horrific torture raccoon dogs and other animals have had to pay for your fashion statement.

A You Tube video just released by animal welfare organization Swiss Animal Protection/East International has created worldwide outrage calling for the ban on raccoon dog trade. The video shows a farmer pulling a raccoon dog out of its cage, slamming her on the ground and beginning the skinning process from the dog's back leg while the farmer's boot is pressed against the animal's neck to keep her from moving. The dog is then thrown on a pile of other skinned dogs, and as the filming continues, the dog barely lifts her head and waits for the final suffering relief of death which can take hours.

From raccoon dogs being skinned alive to bear farms where bears are killed for their bile to St. Bernards (raised to be eaten) facing torture and cruelty from the time of birth till death China has no bounds in gruesome inhumane treatment of animals.

If you care about these animals and others who suffer daily in China, then please sign the petition asking President Obama to place an embargo on China until the cruelty ceases and laws have been put in place to protect animals in China.


We the undersigned, ask you President Barack Obama to place an embargo on China and the import of all Chinese products until the horrific cruelty and torture of animals in China ceases.
From the most recent example of raccoon dogs being skinned alive, to the torture of bears in bear farms for their bile, to St. Bernards suffering from birth until death, China is a country which shows no compassion for even the smallest of God's creatures.
We ask that you send a strong and clear message to China that we will not help any country profit from gruesome and horrific animal practices. Until China ceases all animal cruelty and establishes laws to protect animals from inhumane slaughter and treatment we ask that you place an embargo on China.
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