Save America's Icons! Wild Mustangs Need Your Help!

America's history is on the line! The Bureau of Land Management abuse and kill thousands of innocent mustangs, mares and foals are made to run miles even when they're exhausted from being chased by the BLM's helicopter. Several cases show that the helicopter has flown down and pushed a horse to keep moving by coming in direct contact with the mustang. Then when whole herds are caught and kept in tiny holding pens with other herds fights break out often permanent damage to both of the horses and the one's caught in the crossfire including tiny foals. The mustangs are kept in these small holding pens with out proper veterinary care and proper water. In the desert. Some suffer enough till the die from the heat. They don't get removed from the pen right away either causing horses to walk over them. The purpose of the roundups were to keep the numbers of wild mustangs from overpopulating and give the captured ones to be adopted but they are bringing in more animals that don't get adopted right away. BLM wishes to reduce the population of just 49,000 horses to only 27,000 horses in the next five years. What happens to the 22,000 horses that are captured? Most won't find homes or be sent to sanctuaries where it cost the government $1.60 a day that money can be used elsewhere. Because the horse running wild cost a grand total of zero dollars to take care.
The Bureau of Land Management claims that the beloved wild mustangs harm the eco system, but they are wanting to replace the horses with cattle, who have split hooves tearing up the soil and ruin the eco system. Theses horses have roamed free since the 16th century. They don't need to be captured and abused, forgotten, or killed ever.
Don' let big businesses win by causing the suffering of thousands of horses a day.
These animals need YOUR help sign your signature to help keep Americas Emblem of the wild west and freedom alive and roaming free.


I have a list of signatures of people who care about the wild horse population just as much as I do. We would all very appreciate if go Bureaur of Land Mangament would stop the Wild Horse and Burro program for these reasons

1. The agency if losing millions a year with adoption rates lowering

2. You aare violating the animals right to there land they were here long before America was colonized

3. The treatment of the animals is unsatisfactory which is hard to always stay calm in with a scared wild animal( why they should be left in the wild)

4. There is less than 32,000 wild horse left with only 53% females and after the age of two can breed, with selective breeding done by stallion, the elements, and predators, the number of foals produced is low and would not rise to 145,000 horses in just six years.

5. Your agency is giving away the animals grazing ground to rancers for cattle and sheep who are over grazing and damaging the ecosystem.

6. Following the idea that you give the ranchers land to provide food for America and possibly other counrty as well at this very moment there is enough food on earth to provide for 10 billion people 4,000,000,000 more people then we have on earth we don't need all this grazing land for sheep and cattle that takes away from wild mustangs and your reason for rounding them up.

And finally if you dont know the icon of America it is a cowboy and the wild mustang it is just as important as the bald eagle to america's history. It helped the wild west gain its name. And you people want to deminish and kill innocent animals for all big corparation money no thank you.

I hope you take these reasons into consideration and if you don't you'll be getting more of these.

Thank you,

Megan Dalton and all the lovely people who signed this petition.

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