End The Brutal Algemesi Bullfights

  • by: Kara Foran
  • recipient: Spain Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy
The vicious blood sport of Algemesi bullfighting tortures and beats young bulls in front of a cheering crowd. This cultural tradition is supposed to symbolize honor and grace, but the reality is that gangs of armed men savagely bully a single defenseless calf, stabbing it until the grand finale of its death.

Bulls are beaten inside a ring where costumed men theatrically spear them while riding horses. Often, groups of men chase and drag young bulls through the streets, using daggers and spikes to hit the animal until it’s too weak from blood loss to put up a fight.

The bull is supposed to be put out of its misery after the beating. But the matador often misses when he tries to stab the bull through its heart, leaving the bull to die slowly and painfully.

And Algemesi is not the only city where this happens. All over Spain, festivals like these take place every year. End a horrific blood sport that beats baby bulls until they can't stand--all in the name of tourist dollars and tradition!
Dear Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy,

It’s time to finally put a stop to the brutal and unnecessary sport of bullfighting--a bloodstained tradition that hurts the young bulls, horses, and people involved.

Stabbing bulls with spears until they bleed so much that they are too weak to move should not be Valencia’s most famous tourist trap. When eight grown men attack one young bull, it is more of a heinous act of bullying and torture than a sport of cultural honor.

Please move on from such a chaotic and miserable practice by realizing slaughter isn’t spectacle, it’s abuse! Stop condoning the brutalization of innocent animals in front of a cheering crowd.

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