Ban the sale of fur and killing of fur bearing animals.

  • recipient: Congress and President of the United States, Secretary-General of the United Nations

Please sign the petition to ban the fur industry from selling garments and other products produced from fur and make it illegal to kill, trap, or raise animals for the purpose of selling their fur in USA and globally per attention"Secretary-General of the United Nations .
There are 50,000,000 million animals killed yearly for their fur in the USA, 45,000,000 million are being raised on fur farms. They live miserable lives crammed into small, filthy cages where they are barely able to move. Many animals have nervous breakdowns via self abuse, pulling out their fur, gnawing on their skin or body parts and running continuously in a circle.

These 45 million animals raised on fur farms experience horrifying and painful deaths such as: skinning alive, anal electrocution, gassing, neck breaking, drowning, strangling, hanging, stringing, suffocating and crushing of the chest or thorax.
The five million wild animals trapped experience the horrors of conibear traps, body grip traps, box traps or leg hold snares. When the trapper returns they will be shot or beaten to death if still alive.

Baby seals are clubbed to death in front of their horrified mothers.

Exotic animals are hunted down and killed for their skin causing many to become endangered or almost extinct.

This cruelty can no longer be tolerated and we are committed to bringing global closure to this horrific fur industry. In the future our votes will reflect the choices our Governments makes

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