Demand that the governments of Iceland, Japan and the Faroe Islands End Whaling NOW

Of all the animals that exist on our planet, the whales are one of the most intelligent and magnificient. In the 19th century the cruel and horrible crimes of the whalers almost brought them to extinction. Eventually, towards the latter part of the 20th century almost all nations banned this henious practice and, as a consequence whaling numbers increased.. That the practice still exists in the 21st century is a condemnation of our civilization, especially when you consider how beneficial whales are to the health of our oceans, already threatened with deoxygenation and acidity due to CO2 emmissions. We ask you to Petition the government of Iceland to ban this barbaric brutality, and tell them in no uncertain terms that the murder of such a sentient being is not only a moral and ethical crime, but it is also another nail in the coffin for our environment. There must be a complete ban on hunting whales, because these magnificent creatures facilitate nutrient cycling in the ocean, which is absolutely imperative for creating algae blooms - the largest carbon sink on the planet and more important for absorbing and removing CO2 emmissions from the Earth than all the rainforests of the world. Put simple, without whales the water in our ocean would become acidic and deprived of oxygen, which would not only be a catastrophe for marine life, but also for all of us living on the land. The oceans literally function as the lungs of the world, even more than the rainforests do.

For further information on how whales can save our planet, see the following link.
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