Remove corporate partners from the Dieticians Association of Australia

The corporate partners of the DAA have a conflict of interest and are mostly promoting foods and products that cause disease and premature death and should therefore be removed. The presence and funding influence of these bodies is interfering with the truth and misleading people about what is making them unwell and ending their lives prematurely causing unnecessary distress and expense to all concerned.

They are responsible for promoting foods which are known to be the major contributors to western diseases and should be removed from the DAA who promote themselves as the professional association for dieticians and nutritionists.

The foods and products of the Dieticians Association of Australia's corporate partners have been proven to cause all the major western diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancers and more.

Their influence is preventing the truth about the link between human diet and disease from being made available to the general public and instead is causing dieticians to mislead people of all ages and walks of life who are unwell or dying from being given the nutritional advice that could save their life and reverse their disease. Instead people are being given increasing medication leading to further problems when what is needed predominantly, is a change of diet.

There is increasing unrefutable evidence that has emerged over the last 20 years, particularly from medically trained doctors and health professionals, surgeons, professors and medical researchers in the US, that nutrition should now be frontline healthcare and contributes 80% to whether people are well or not.

The biggest contributors to disease as well as cruelty to animals and environmental destruction are now recognised as meat, dairy, eggs and processed food. These are all currently represented by the corporate partners of the DAA such as Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA, representing meat and dairy industries), Jalna (dairy), processed food companies Nestle, Campbell Arnottts, Australian Breakfast Cereal Manufacturers Forum (ABCMF) and the Egg Nutrition Council. These partners should be removed so that the DAA and dieticians who are members of this "professional" body, are free to recommend the current scientific, medical and specifically nutritional findings which are that a predominantly plant based whole food diet low in processed oils and salt, will reverse or prevent most western diseases, even those that are advanced.

For more information about these findings, look at the work of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, the China Study, the movie What The Health and Forks Over Knives featuring the work (equivalent to over 75 years worth of medical research) of Dr T Colin Campbell, Emeritus Professor of Nutrition at Cornell University, Cardiac surgeon Dr Caldwell Esselstyn, Dr Dean Ornish, Dr Michael Greger, Naturopath Pam Popper, Dr John McDougall, Dr Jim Conway MD Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr Allan Goodwin Rheumatologist, Dr Michael Klaper, Dr Salvatore System Medical Director and Osteopathic doctor, Dr Neal Barnard and many more including the website

The diseases and medical treatments resulting from incorrect advice and the suppression of truth by parties with vested interests involved in professional associations, also cost the Australian public millions of dollars.

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