Sandy Hook conspiracy

Send in the FBI polygraphers to polygraph every Newtown, CT and CT State Police regarding the fake Sandy Hook school shootings.

The FBI and INTERPOL polygraphers will clean-up this mess. INTERPOL -  The world's largest international police organization.

FBI polygraphers know that undetectable deception is impossible when using a Stoelting Ultrascribe polygraph.

How come Wikileaks never exposed Donald Trump's pedophile ties? - "I am quite sure that the intelligence community has pictures of Donald Trump raping a child"

Dr. Phil Reveals Polygraph Results for Donald Trump ... TRUMP is a CHILD RAPIST

KatieGate - BREAKING: Trey Gowdy To PROSECUTE Donald Trump For Child Rape!

PizzaGate Is an Orchestrated Distraction from Trump's Involvement in Pedophilia.

Donald Trump = 9/11 cover-up conspirator.

Donald Trump-Jeffrey Epstein 2016....Hillary Clinton-Cathy O'Brien 2016 ... subject to blackmail or control. Donald Trump, polygraph test. Hillary Clinton, polygraph test.--- Google "Operation Brownstar"

Google "Vladimir Putin, pedophile" ... subject to blackmail or control. Vladimir Putin, polygraph test.--- Google "Michelle Obama is a man" -- Transgender is 'Mental Disorder'

Dr. Phil Reveals Polygraph Results for Ricky Dearman ...

American courts need 'lie detectors' - American courts must be fitted with polygraphs in order to ensure that the truth is always established in the courtroom.

Under secret Presidential Order, signed by President Jimmy Carter

The National Security Agency (NSA) has been secretly fighting the alien cause and the humans that worked for or with the aliens since it was established in the mid 1950s. Google "NSA Department Z"

Watch this video... ... 9/11 Nuke Aftermath - Health Officials: Number of 9/11-Linked Cancer Diagnoses Triples. Nearly 5,500 first responders and local residents have now been diagnosed with cancers linked to the nuking of the WTC on 9/11.

Google "James Comey, polygraph test"

What is it like when Donald Trump ties you up and rapes you, when you are a 13-year-old virgin? Then, he threatens to murder you and your family if you ever talk? Ask Katie Johnson, now age 35.

Trump Praises Putin: 'I Always Knew We Were Both Pedophiles!'


Update #55 years ago
Google "1 Trillion Dollar Lawsuit Filed Against MSM For Staging Sandy Hook"
Update #45 years ago
Stoelting Ultrascribe polygraph
Update #35 years ago
Google "Fiona Barnett and Ted Turner"
Update #25 years ago
Google "Hampstead Cover Up"
Update #15 years ago
World Trade Center Demolition
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