Demand Strong Penalty & Long Imprisonment for Poachers

  • by: Save All Elephants
  • target: Minister of Justice, Eugene L. Wamalwa. P.O. Box 10539-00100, G.P.O., Nairobi, Kenya

Ask Kenya Justice Minister Eugene Wamalwa to Have Greater Penalties for Poaching Imposed ...

It is reported that, Pekei Ole Shoke, the poacher pictured here, has openly told Kenya community rangers that he will continue to kill more elephants. African elephants don't need poachers running free. New stricter laws must be set. Please sign and also email the Minister of Justice, Eugene Wamalwa to have his judges imprison poachers for the long term.

Big Life Foundation has stated that they are able to catch poachers, but when brought before the Kenyan courts the fines are meager and the imprisonment light. Please politely write/email the Justice Minister, Eugene Wamalwa, to have the courts take seriously the looming extinction of elephants and rhino killed for greed. In the long run Kenya's ecotourism will suffer as has been recognized by Botswana's president who has stopped all hunting licenses. Let His Honor Wamalwa know that the international community is outraged that our world heritage wildlife is being exterminated and the criminals who poach have no deterrent to stop.

Justice Minister's web page:

Magistrate does not show up for Pekei's hearing.

The Star article of the notorious poacher who killed Qumquat and her family in Amboseli.

The only thing this killer did not get was Quanza, Qumquat's baby. At least her genes will go on. Here is Sheldrick's video of Quanza's rescue. May this little one have a life of safety, joy and peace. or


The Honorable Justice, Eugene Wamalwa,
Minister of Justice, Nairobi, Kenya,

You Honor,

Please have your judges impose much stronger fines and full term imprisonment for the poaching of our world's heritage, the wildlife that lives in Kenya.  Extinction is looming at the rate animals are being massacred.

It is reported that though anti-poaching teams are catching poachers, the fines are meager and imprisonment light. So light that Pekei ole Shoke, the notorious repeat poacher, has openly told Kenya rangers that he will continue to kill more elephants. Your insistence that judges allow no bail, and impose large fines and long sentences is necessary in order to stop this decimation of elephants and rhino solely for greed.

The international community is outraged at the continued carnage while killers are bold and free. With the decimation of wildlife and little deterrent to stop, this will soon affect Kenya's ecotourism and economy. Please have your courts and judges take seriously the this annihilation.

Most Sincerely,

A Signer for Justice

Your Honor,

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