Shame on the City of Clovis. CAlifornia

It is shocking and unbelievable that any city would pass an ordinance that would attempt to legalize and support the slow and inhumane death of helpless animals, but Clovis, California has. Chapter 6.1 Animal Regulations, Municipal Code: 6.1.519 states that it unlawful for any person within the City of Clovis to intentionally provide food, water, or other form of substance to a feral cat or feral cat colony.
However, California Penal Code 597 (b) -Crimes Against Animals-Felony or Misdemeanor states that any person either owner or otherwise who intentionally deprives an animal of necessary substance or drink or subjects any animal to needless cruelty in any manner or fails to provide the animal with proper food and drink is guilty of a crime, yet it is allowed and encouraged in Clovis!
We ask the City of Clovis with their model shelter that enjoys HUGE public support of animal welfare and animal causes to resend or amend their cold-hearted code and find alternative and humane ways such as trap/spay/neuter and release and/or relocation (as other cities have successfully done) to solve and/or address the feral cat problem in their city rather than condoning the suffering and inhumane treatment and slow death of helpless animals.
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