Ban companies in the UK from using animals to test on!

  • by: courtney cran
  • target: David Cameron and companies across the UK dgd

Thousands of animals each year are tested on to make products like make-up and shampoos when there is no need. there are plenty of ways to test products without causing pain to any animal. Just because we have more power than animals doesn't mean we should abuse them. its cruel. 

putting chemicals in anaimals eyes, locking rabbits in airtight boxes and sparying hairspray in on them is cruel. it needs to be stopped. Take away their rights to cause pain to animals. say it's wrong. it is not fair and it is anaimal cruelty.

Dear whomever it may concern,

i am writing about animal testing across the UK. I really want to see it banned and stopped alltogether, Animals are wonderful creatures so why abuse them for our own beinifit? its truly not fair and horrific. There is no need to test on animals for things like shampoo and make-up products. This is cruelty and causing animals pain for no reason. its is disturbing. it should be stooped immedietly. i am asking you for your support in this as it would mean a lot to me. Knowing this happens daily truly sadenns me. i hope you can find it in your heart to help these inoccent animals in pain. 

thank you. 

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