Safe our Farmland, NOW !!!! Stop the huge Industrial Solar Field, NOW!!!

  • by: Elke Binder
  • recipient: Conowingo Residence but thank you to all who also sign this

Stop the Re-Zoning and Special Exemption Permit at 28th Freyer Ln, Dr. Jack Road, Conowingo, MD, 21918.

Please get meeting information when you scroll down to the end of Petition.  Click on the word "more

The Freyer Farm Land will go from a WORKING Farm. (Yes, it produces Food for us and food for our livestock every year) to an Industrial Solar Field with over 6000 solar panels and a huge chain-link security fence around it.

• The United States are losing 9.5 acres of Farmland per MINUTE.
• Farmland produces our Food. The United States has lost more than 11 million acres of farmland to development over the last 20 years, according to a new report.
• Lesser farmland means, America's dependents on other Countries to deliver Food to us will be the norm in the future if we don't STOP THIS. Why would you allow that?
• Don't allow that our prices for food go up even more. Lesser farmland means lesser food. Lesser Food means that Food prices will INCREASE!!!
• We have to purchase more food from CHINA BECAUSE WE ARE ALLOWING OUR FARMLAND TO GO AWAY. We have to fight this. There is a reason why this piece of land is ZONED FOR FARMLAND. Somebody thought we should eat every once in a while!

Other C O N C E R N S :

Solar Fields DO NOT BELONG INTO A RESIDENTIAL AERA.' Especially not with Special Permit. That alone shows you that it SHOULD NOT BE THERE.
The Solar projects in the wrong zoning are a threat to our wealth. Very Un-American. That is why they belong into the right zoning. INDUSTRIAL ZONING, where they cannot destroy anything.
Solar Fields impact the local environment negatively
• Not Tornado Proof. The Panels can be shattered and the broken Glass from the panels can leak cadmium and other toxins into the ground. Nobody can control this. That is why it belongs into the desert or industrial zoning and not in the middle of a residential area or on precocious Farmland
• Property devaluation:

Solar Fields are "Ugly" and "Blight". Nobody will purchase our homes any longer. Who will repay us for this? We did build our homes in a "Residential and Farming Zoning". Where is the JUSTICE?

• Unmanaged RUN OFF that will destroy the neighborhood because WATER has power and force. And we don't even want to talk about the poor Wildlife that will die and suffer.

Please sign our Petition to SAFE OUR FARMLAND. Solar is great but if you take Food away from us it is JUST WRONG !!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW DARE YOU !!!!! What shell our Children and Children's children eat in the future? 11 Million Acres of Farmland GONE ALREADY !!!!
STOP THE MADNESS !!!!!!! Thank You.

The Board Meeting about this is on the 17th of May 2021 at 6:00pm.  I need all of you to show your presence that night.  The meeting was changed from phone attendance to "in Person" attendance.   We need as many people there as possible.  Please drop everything you are doing that night and come.  This is our FUTURE they are deciding that night.   Don't let them do that without your VOICE.!!!!! 

Please contact Jennifer from the Cecil County Division of Planning and Zoning for more information on what you need in order to  attend this meeting.  I also will find out more information and will post it here.  We will not be silenced.     Please copy the following link below for more detailed information or call Jennifer directly at:  410-996-5220.

Again......Please drop everything on the night of the 17th of May and attend the Meeting in order to Appeal this Solar Project.  This is of the utmost importance.  If only 3 people show up, this will not work.  Thank you for being strong and determined.  And PLEASE wear a MASK when you come.  I don't want them to have any reason to refuse you to attennd this meeting.  The lesser people they have to let into the Hall, the better it is for them to win this.  At least bring a Mask and  when they tell you, you cannot attend because you don't wear one.....PUT IT ON!

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