We Are All Hawaii!

  • by: Jonnie Austen
  • target: Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites

Who is eligible to sign our petition? Everyone who loves Hawaii and the idea of Hawaii is eligible to sign our petition because the truth is "We Are All Hawaii!"

Hawaii is more than just a beautiful chain of islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Hawaii is more than the smiling, happy people, full of aloha, who live on these islands. Hawaii is more than the culture that was born and fostered in these islands by the kupuna (ancestors) of the people of Hawaii. A culture which values, nurtures and holds sacred the aina, the land, the natural world and everything that exists within it. Hawaii is more than pono, the concept of living a positive and productive life for the greater good. Hawaii is all of these things and much, much  more. Hawaii is also the notion that if all of the peoples and nations of the world could adopt the ideas and ideals that make Hawaii the most beautiful place on earth; "aloha", living together in peace and love for one another, "malama" fostering and caring for the aina and "pono" doing what is right because its the right thing to do. If you believe in these ideas and strive to achieve these ideals in your own life then you are also Hawaii! So please join with us and sign our petition and, in doing so, proudly declare to the world "We Are All Hawaii!"

Hawaii needs your help. The nation of Hawaii has been unlawfully occupied for more than 100 years now. The time has come for this oppressive occupation to end!

Many Hawaiians today feel alienated in our own country because we are not able to proudly declare our true nationality. If we simply had the option of selecting "Hawaii" as our country when we create our profiles on social media websites like facebook and twitter it would go a long way toward enabling us to reclaim our collective identity as a people, strengthen our connection to our beloved country and empower our resolve to finally bring the occupation of Hawaii to a peaceful end so that we might begin the task of restoring our nation's sovereign independence and by so doing enjoy once more the freedom and liberty that is our inherent right as citizens of the nation of Hawaii.

The purpose of this petition is simply to ask social media websites like facebook and twitter to offer "Hawaii" as a country selection option on our social media website profiles. You can help Hawaii declare its nation status by adding your name to our petition. You don't need to live in Hawaii to sign our petition. You only need to love Hawaii and support our right to be a free and independent sovereign nation. If you love Hawaii this is your opportunity to help us to be free once more. We must stand together because "We Are All Hawaii!"

mahalo nui loa,
jonnie austen 

to all hawaiians, the people of Hawaii and the friends and supporters of a free Hawaii,

Hawaii, our beloved nation, has been occupied ever since the unlawful treaty of annexation was signed between the United States and the traitororous rebels representing the illegal government of the Republic of Hawaii in spite of the clear and unmistakable protests of our kupuna as expressed in the 1897 petition against the annexation of Hawaii.

what we are offering here is another petition, a new petition for the digital age. our new petition offers all hawaiians and all of those who support the right of Hawaii to exist as a free and independent sovereign nation the opportunity to join together as one to ask the social media websites facebook, twitter and others to offer "Hawaii" as a country option on our profile settings on their social media websites. social networks like facebook and twitter are the most powerful media tool available for us to use today to foment social change. it has already shown its ability to change the world literally overnight during the recent arab spring democracy uprisings. what we hope to accomplish now is first, to acknowledge and encourage the idea that Hawaii is a living nation made up of the proud hawaiian people, their friends and supporters, and second, to begin to change the mindset and opinions of all of the peoples and nations of the world so that they might see us, the people of Hawaii, as citizens of the living nation of Hawaii and not citizens of the country that is unlawfully occupying our nation. it is hoped that by educating all of the peoples and nations of the world to the truth of america's illegitimate claim to our islands we can garner their support in our ongoing efforts to bring about a peaceful end to the american occupation of Hawaii so that we may once more enjoy freedom and restore our nation's sovereign independence. by signing our petition you are proudly declaring to the world "We Are All Hawaii!"

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