BSL Ordinance considered in Waterbury, CT

Dear Mayor O’Neil, Attorney Wihbey and the Board of Alderman
City of Waterbury
City Hall
235 Grand Street
Waterbury, CT 06702

We,the undersigned, have signed this petition to voice our concern about the City of Waterbury seeking to institute what appears to be an ordinance that incorporates Breed Specific Legislation.  []. We are aware that Waterbury has an ordnance already in place that addresses dangerous dogs [§ 92.25 RESTRAINT OF VICIOUS AND DANGEROUS 

DOGS.] This leaves us to believe you are planning on writing an ordinance that involves breed specific legislation. We are writing to respectfully state that if Waterbury institutes any Breed Specific Legislation, we are prepared to fight this in the City of Waterbury and State of Connecticut.

The attack of an 88 year old woman by two pit bulls is very sad and raises questions about the owner’s confinement and treatment of the dogs. This responsibility should be placed on the owner of these two dogs and not the general public.

Breedism or Breed Specific Legislation has been proven not to work. We are aware that a BSL fact sheet was received by both of you on 11/11/12. This sheet outlined cities and states that had BSL and it was too cost effective and also did not stop dog bites.  Other references about the failure of BSL can be found here

The following are opposed the Breed Specific Legislation: American Veterinary Medical Association, Humane Society of the United States, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, American Bar Association, American Kennel Club and more.
Measures to take before instituting a new ordinance should include:

1.  1.   Having a leash law. Enforce such law.

2.    2. Picking up dogs that are not licensed and keeping them until the owner licenses them.

3.   3.  Fine people who have unlicensed dogs and/or those without appropriate vaccines (i.e.: rabies).

4.   4.  Arresting people who dog fight! Dog fighting is illegal. Devote efforts to arrest of the humans who do this to innocent animals and rescue the dogs.

5.  5.   Enforce all dog ordinances you already have in place.

6.   6.  Enforce Housing Authority pet regulations.

7.   7.  Take appropriate action against anyone breeding dogs who is not a regulated breeder.

Breed Specific Legislation is a draconian approach to a human problem. We urge you to find other alternatives to this problem and to seek assistance from other cities to see how they successfully deal with the problems Waterbury faces. You can also seek ideas from these websites

We hope you make the right decision for the law abiding dog owners in your city and state! We will be watching your next steps.




Dear City of Waterbury Alderman, Mayor O’Neil and Waterbury
Corporate Counsel:

Enclosed is a petition signed by people from all over the
world. We are aware that the Board of Alderman and City Corporate Counsel are
drafting language to the Dangerous Dog Ordinance that addresses illegal
kenneling and unlicensed breeders. We support that.

What is concerning to us is that when we asked specifically
if breed language was being looked at and or drafted the replies from Alderman
Brunelli suddenly stopped.   The people,
who have signed this petition, and more, are against Breed Specific language
and Legislation. Because of the non-response from Alderman Brunelli, all of us,
and others, are watching the City of Waterbury closely to see what your next
steps are and what you plan to do. We will attend your meetings and take other
necessary steps to ensure that you are not working on breed language.

Breed Specific Legislation has proven not to work. It is
costly and statistically does nothing to reduce the number of dog bites.  The majority of pitbulls owners are
professional law abiding citizens []
and should not be punished due to the irresponsible and deplorable behavior of
a small and specific group of people.

Thank you for taking steps up to this point which are not
breed specific. We applaud that effort and will be waiting to make sure you
continue in the same vain.


Law Abiding Citizens Against BSL


Cc: Rep. Diana Urban

      Rep. Kim Rose


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