demand that Baldwin-Wallace honor its word and community values.

  • by: dan lehlbach
  • recipient: Baldwin-Wallace president Bob Helmer:

while i was on a doctor ordered six-month short-term disability leave, which Baldwin Wallace approved, i received a letter from my boss informing me that "my position no longer exists.", despite the fact that this violated community values and b-w's own policy that states, "B-W will guarantee continued employment in an equivalent position for absence due to sick leave, short-term disability, parental or adoption leave up to a maximum of six months." this letter came five months into my six month leave. i appealed to many in my hometown of Berea, Ohio, including the president of B-W, my church pastor, the mayor and my neighbor, who sat on B-W's Board of Trustees. all refused to help me correct this injustice because they were well-advantaged by their relationship with B-W. B-W's unconscionable, indefensible and scandalous action has ruined my family and me and left us on the verge of foreclosure of our home. i now must rely on numerous medications to maintain what is left of my well-being, due to B-W's despicable mistreatment of me, which has caused me great anxiety and stress. please watch myy YouTube video. search: baldwin wallace dirty deed.

Update #44 years ago
of the 39 care2 petition authors i have signed&shared only 4 have signed my petition. is this caring?
i need ur help desperately yet u have ignored my requests 2 sign my petition. 2 the 4 who have thank u. 2 the others why haven't u? i don't get it. shouldn't the care2 community support all care2 members? are u that absorbed in ur own that others don't matter? please sign. dan l & kids.
Update #34 years ago
i need help from care2 community & twiiter. i'm @ 230 signers. without 500 signers & care2 promotion of petition it all has been a waste of time. i don't want 2 lose my home&life. i need people to rally 2 my cause. 4 those who have signed, thank you very much; it's those who i have twittered & contacted thru care2 who have not responded to my pleas, who disappoint me & leave me feeling unimportant. is an elephant's life worth more than a human being's?
Update #24 years ago
i want 2 thank all who signed&shared my petition. i forgot 2 do this in my 1st update. i still need 500 signers; at 227 now & care2 will promote my petition. BW college cheated me & it must be held accountable 4 its mistreatment of me. BW is a dirty, lying institution that teaches truths, but does not act truthfully. without help from honest & caring people i will lose my home & a secure & happy retirement. please do all u can to help my kids & me. thank you 4 all u are doing 4 me. dan lehlbach
Update #14 years ago
i am lacking in signers. i am stuck at 223 & need 500, which will result in care2 promoting my petition. please help my kids & me to reach our goal of 500 signers & many more. this is crucial to my petition's success & our only hope of saving our home. thank you, dan lehlbach.
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