Massachusetts: STOP Fun Game Hunter Any Animals

I found out from Allow all hunter. Must license hunt animals. I want remove hunters list and ban hunters from killing innocent animals.
I learn from my experience when I witness last year a deer 🦌 ran and crossed highway and stopped . Thank god deer ran across other side. Why did deer escaped away from (right side ) wildlife trees ? I knew gun man out there deer saw other deer dead by man gun and other deer witness and heard boom gun and deer started scare to ran to the highway. But I know I checked if bobcat hide but I notice bobcat no there I believe gun man far tree from highway. I remember social online video the past 5 years ago bear ran and hit by truck but bear fall down and walked We thought bear safe but no, I found out bear walked and later few days bear dead because truck hit bear shock head cause shake and body shake that's scary dude and very sad. I hope people wake up and learn from experience and witness there, But I remember my friend drove and I was with him when I was teen I saw 2 deers did too emotional escaped to front of my friend and me the car thank god deer no break my friend's car window it was very close kill us. But I checked on the right wildlife I said oh my god bobcat there I saw 2 ears look like devil big bobcat wow I said to my friend "omg look this" my friend shocked. We drove away. I knew bobcat tried to ran after 2 deers but different situation because I Remember 1 deer escaped to the highway but deer was no too emotional and I seen deer desperate and escaped to the highway but I know deer mind hope no crash car People die. I still believe deer, bear, bobcat, bear, or Moose no fault. It's and man gun big FAULT AND THEY cause deer, bear, bear, moose, or bobcat ran away fast to enter highway car hit deer, bear or bobcat dead. IF Deer escape again to enter highway and someone hit deer and jump on car, deer will run away again to safety. That's why no safe, and too danger. When deer is big hit car someone stomp by deer or moose and any animals no fault. It's man gun and big fault. Think about it if respect people drive to safe and animals are safe. I Hope agree with me. you remember a bobcat was hit by car from highway in Holyoke and died. Thank to man gun and cause animals scare away. I knew man gun want to kill bobcat, deer, moose, bear, any animals if you agree with me for start ban hunter and remove hunters list. But they allow hunt rabbit 🐇, squirrel 🐿, birds, raccoon, possum, fox 🦊, too and more list and man gun seem no right. I experience to see animals if they won't shoot animals they won't spread animals when I thought they're spread when they visit my backyard for 2 months I saw there but they transfer to trip. No spread animals so I miss sweet fox and fox never hurt anyone If you care about innocent animals then you agree with me to ban hunter. Please sign to spread to everyone I'm gonna to send mayor and governor mail to them very serious. I know you shocking and no idea Allow hunter. Please help animals feel free to safe and no more bad happen and no more animals scare and no more nightmare everyday.. You see photo no enough big but I'm show you this link:
you see second link no work link then (select) Copy and go address to (Paste) there is it. 

If you see first link if you enter and no find it then search "hunter animal" there is finding it. 

proof there is list you will understand clear. Please pass your friend to sign this. Thank. 

Update #32 years ago
Please pass your friends and I notice anyone no much sign no fair for animals suffer to wait for free and stop hunter. Please help animals be free and safe. Go spread your friend now and go sign. Thank
Update #22 years ago
Please stop guy game hunt innocent any animals and please sign to spread your friends 🙏🏻
Go Spread Twitter and Facebook please
Update #12 years ago
Please stop guy game hunt innocent any animals and please sign to spread your friends 🙏🏻
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