The Killing of a Dog Filmed - No Different then Illegal Dogfighting

  • by: Donna Earley
  • target: Mayor James Jennings, Wagoner Mayor's Office 231 E Church Street Wagoner, OK 74467 - (918) 485-4586 / The Office of Governor Mary Fallin Oklahoma State Capitol 2300 N. Lincoln Blvd., Room 212 Oklahoma City, OK 73105 Local: (405) 521-2342

Dear Mayor Jennings and Governor Fallin, We the people of not only the State of Oklahoma, but each and every State in the Nation are appalled that this act of animal cruelty has not been looked at as to the crimes of animal cruelty it clearly shows with those standing by videotaping and rallying behind 3 dogs killing another dog by ripping it to shreds. This is deplorable and those named Taylor Given and Amy Jacobsen allowed the mauling of a dog by their three dogs and did not stop the attack. Instead, they grabbed a camera and put the horrific death of this poor dog on social media. What has this world come to that would make someone think of this as some sort of entertainment. This is nothing less then dog-fighting which happens to be illegal in this country. Not to mention that aggravated animal cruelty is now a Felony in 50 states. A humane approach would have been to try to stop the deadly attack or at the least go inside and call authorities. The videogrpahers cannot claim fear as you can clearly see in the video they were in close proximity to the attack, laughing and encouraging the dogs to kill. Had this happened in any other city in America the attacking dogs would have been confisicated by animal control,held on a rabies bite hold and only released if they were deemed non-violent and had their owners claimed responsibility to pay fines and fees. Had the owners no accepted responsibility then the attacking dogs would have been euthanized as thousands are each day. These dogs are animal aggressive and a child would not be safe in their prescense. The dogs clearly show aggressive behavior and did not stop until they made their kill. This horrible act should not have happened and most certainly should have been punished to the fullest extent of the law. A campaign was set out to seek justice for this dog back in January who lost his life to wild animals literally ripping his flesh.  There was a petition of over 20,000 signatures delivered to the Waggoner County DA which obviously was filed in File 13. Those signatures stood for something... and that was saying your public tax payers wanted action to be taken. This matter is still unsettled and those concerned feel as though everything is being shoved under the rug. We the people of the Nation are calling upon you to make what happened in your State punishable by law and those involved watching and taping the attack take responsibility for their dogs. We are also asking that you take action against the local police department, animal control and the Waggoner County District Attorney for failing to do their jobs. We the people are not going to let this go....this dog was nothing to those who watched it die...but it was a living being with a right to be protected under animal law. If Waggoner County does not recognize this as a crime we certainly hope that through the offices you hold that you will see something is done. We are not talking about a community here....we are talking about a country....a country of people who demand that something be done about this horrendous act. This petition will be sent to you with signatures of people demanding justice. It is up to you what you choose to do with it. If you do nothing...we will see that the world knows Oklahoma cares not what happens to it's animals and condones dog attacks and dog fighting. Here...take a look for yourself....if you can make it through the entire video...


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