Demand Answers And Action On Behalf Of MariusThe Giraffe

A few hours ago, a healthy young giraffe, named Marius was, essentially murdered, apparently in front of an audience, by Copenhagen Zoo.

This zoo claims to be acting in a responsible manner, to avoid inbreeding.

This is a ridiculous and irresponsible reason for a barbaric and completely unnecessary action .
It was a truly inexplicable thing to do !
The zoo had been given every possible alternative to the completely unnecessary action that was undertaken ! There were many offers from zoos all over Europe.
Even shortly before the zoo killed this beautiful creature, they were given a greatly preferable option to, not only euthanizing a healthy, young animal, but to life in a zoo in general, with the offer from a Yorkshire wildlife park and even a private individual with a piece of land large enough for him to roam on !

To allow an animal to be born in the first place, if they knew they were already at capacity and were NEVER going to make an attempt to find a permanent home for him is completely inexcusable !
To then name him and allow an unsuspecting public to form a genuine affection for him and, ultimately, kill him and chop him up to feed to lions IN FRONT OF PEOPLE - is beyond unforgivable !

The people who carried out this unwarranted death sentence are NOT children ! They should have had plenty of experience, over the years, in dealing with matters like this, that might arise, without resorting to something so very barbaric !
They have NO right to be in charge of any life at all !
I would, most sincerely want and EXPECT someone to take full responsibility for this shameful, irresponsible action and their job should immediately be forfeit !

I am aware that they have already, obviously ignored the signatures of thousands of people on previous petitions about this sad and sorry situation.
I am appalled and saddened by the actions of people whose thoughts should be devoted to animals welfare, beyond everything else, at all times.

I ask that everyone reading this petition sign it, requesting, if not openly demanding a pledge for action from the board of directors that ultimately oversees this zoo, stating that they will dismiss the person ultimately responsible for this unconscionable action and promising that the zoo's future behaviour, with respect to the animals in their care, will be ethical and caring, not irresponsible,inept and barbaric.

Earlier today, along with many sad and distressed people from all over the world, I heard the report that your zoo had killed Marius the giraffe.

I was shocked, saddened and, frankly disgutested by the action.

It made no sense to me.

As far as I can see, the zoo was given every possible opportunity to give this young giraffe a chance to live a long, natural and healthy life with others of his kind, while still posing no threat to future captive giraffe populations through inbreeding.

Even if one is not a huge fan of zoos in general, if one can look at any zoo as being a decent example of its genre, I would have said the Copenhagen Zoo would have been on such a list.

The irresponsible and frankly inept behaviour  displayed here would negate that fact !

Any zoo that has signed a pledge to be sure that interbreeding does not occure should be responsible enough NOT to breed an animal who is destined for an early death.

If no attempt was going to be made to ensure that this innocent creature was to be offered a suitable home, why bother ?

I would like to think that someone is made to account for this decision and that such breeding be far more carefully considered in the future, with assurances to your patrons that ALL efforts will be made to find a chance for life for any animal in your care.

No one has a right to be in charge of creating life if they are not called to fully respect it and the person ultimately responsible for this tragic choice should never be in a position to do so, for any animal, in the future.

I would ask that all future actions in the zoo be handled in a far more ethical manner and request that the zoo pledge that such a course of action will be undertaken.

Thank you,


Anita Johnson

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