Owasso Highway 20 Traffic Light

New Traffic Light at Highway 20 aka 116th St N and 140th E Avenue

To whom it may concern:

We are requesting that the City of Owasso install a traffic light at the intersection Highway 20 aka 116th St N and 140th E Avenue . Traffic volume has made it extremely difficult for vehicles to  enter and exit local business Additionally, vehicles driving at excessive speeds are a common occurrence, which has created a very dangerous and even deadly situation.

A traffic light at this juncture will allow all the vehicles to safely make a turns into the businesses as well as exiting the businesses. In order to maintain uninterrupted and fluid traffic flow, the proposed traffic light may be equipped with sensors that detect moving vehicles that are turning left, allowing the green turn arrow to stay on until all the vehicles have cleared out of the left turn lane. Furthermore, it is commonly reported that right-angle and left-turn collisions usually decrease when a traffic light is installed.

To justify installing or upgrading a traffic signal, a location must meet certain criteria, or "warrants." The Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices is a traffic control guide by the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration that provides standards for signs, signals, markings and other traffic control devices. The manual lists eight criteria for a traffic signal installation, at least one of which must be met to justify installation. Even if an intersection meets one or more criteria, an engineering study is needed to determine whether a traffic signal is justified. We believe that the proposed traffic light meets the highlighted criteria (# 3, 7 &8) listed below:

1. 8-hour vehicular volume
2. 4-hour vehicular volume
3. Peak hour
4. Pedestrian volume
5. School crossing
6. Coordinated signal system
7. Crash experience
8. Roadway network
9. Intersection near a grade crossing


As residents and or employees & patrons of Owasso we are requesting this be done in a timely manner as to protect our families, selves and neighbors from further incidents and accidents.


Update #14 years ago
It has been brought to my attention that this is actually a ODOT / County issue thus we will be requesting that the proper governing authority take action whether it be ODOT, City of Collinsville, City of Owasso, Rogers or Tulsa County or if all in agreement.

Thank you
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