Justice for Whiskey: Dog shot 12 times on Beirut Corniche

  • by: christine lindner
  • recipient: Michel Sleiman: President of the Republic of Lebanon; Najib Mikati: Prime Minister of the Republic of Lebanon

On Sunday 27 January 2013, Whiskey was being walked by a friend of his owner along the Corniche of Beirut. According to Whisky's owner, Bassem, they would regularly walk along this busy part of Beirut, with Whiskey playing with people and enjoying one of the few areas of public space for dog owners to walk with their dogs.

Around 9AM, Bassem received a phone call from his friend who had volunteered to take Whiskey for a walk as Bassem was suffering from an injured leg. His friend said that Whiskey has been shot 12 times and killed by a man who claimed that Whiskey had attacked his daughter. Whiskey regularly walked along this busy route and did not have a history of aggressive behaivor. Rather he was remembered to be "very peaceful and lovely he used to play with everyone and smile for everyone".

 As the law protecting Aniaml Rights is still waiting to be implemented, the shooter may face minimal, if not zero, punishment.

Sign this petition if you think that Lebanon should be safe for people to walk along their beautiful seaside, without fear that they, their families and their pets will be randomly killed and shot!

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Dear President Sleiman and Prime Minster Makati

We demand justice for Whisky, his owner Bassem, and those whose lives were threatened on Sunday 27 January 2013, when a man shot 12 rounds and killed Whiskey along the Corniche in Beirut.

We believe that this horrific act of violence, against a dog who was peaceful, loving and with no previous history of agression, should not go unpunished. We are asking for a full investigation onto the crime. We believe that all people have the right to walk in safetly along the Corniche, with their families and pets, without the fear that they will be artibrarily shot and killed.

We believe that the Rebublic of Lebanon should provide a safe environment for all of its people and that those who threaten to distrub such saftey through indivdiual acts of violence should be punished as creating a state of disorder, incivility and vigilantism. Political cover should be removed for such individuals so that true justice can be pursued.

We ask that a full investigation be made into the man responsible for killing Whiskey. We demand that charges be brought against him for the killing of anothers pet, civil distrubrance, and threatening the safetey of those walking on the Corniche. We also ask that Lebanon implement comprehensive animal protection laws so that this never happens again.

Thank you for your help. We trust in your power and commitement to the safetey of Lebanon and its people.

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