Servers Against the New Gratuity Law - 2014 IRS Law to stop automatic tipping

Servers across the world are going to be affected by this new law, and this is going to make a huge financial impact on the entire server and restaurant industry.  The ban on automatic tipping is going to leave servers with an unbalanced tipping system.  Get the IRS out of your pockets and get the tips you deserve.

Dear Lawmakers,

This is a petition to stop the progression and/or new ban on automatic tipping. This petition is in regard to the new "Auto-Gratuity" law in effect as of January 1st, 2014. The new law makes it illegal for any server, at any restaurant, in any state to add gratuity to any check for any reason (unless it is a prewritten/contracted banquet service).

It's been well over 20 years since the service industry has benefited from a tipped wage increase from the ever-stagnate $2.13 per hour. The only thin leg of justification holding up this nearly criminal level of neglect is the fact that most restaurants across the U.S. employ an auto-gratuity or "suggested gratuity" practices of 18% on large parties (generally 8 persons or more) in order to ensure appropriate wage income for the service staff. Further relevance indicates that not all patrons are even aware of appropriate tipping standards since many are not aware the tipped wage is $2.13 per hour.

Intentional or unintentional, without the option of suggested gratuity figures it has shown it can only lead to a dramatic decrease of tipped income qualifying as theft of services, which is not tolerated by law in any other industry and the hard-working service industry should be NO exception. Not only is the service industry unanimously acknowleged as one of the hardest working positions in the United States workforce but over 90% of employees in this field suffer from zero (0) employer paid sick days or health benefits.

The only lawful, logical, and morally ethical solution to this deplorable oversight is an immediate reversal of the law itself or the inevitable tipped wage increased to minimum wage, which has long been overly justified with or without the gratuity law.

Update #13 years ago
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