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What Is Forex?
It is a new way of thinking that it is not necessary for anyone to understand that Forex is still in the interest of discussion and absolutely new people who are telling them Forex is a trading market where one currency can be profitable by trading another currency.

Where To Go For Learning Forex?
The simple answer is to go to a forex training center or if someone you know is Forex, then start learning from him anyway.

Let's go deeper now. How to learn Forex by going to the training center. Time is 2-4 weeks. Good, there's no different to coaching to grasp concerning any topic well. All of us can not do everything by itself. In this one-month training center of the training, you've got a little bit in the forex trading state. Now the rest of the work can make you a trader in your regular study and efforts.

He needs to take the time to practice for a long time. And to do this, you are bound to win training center, but if you want, you can achieve the subject yourself. But it takes less time to readymade. First of all, forex is not a pill made by a doctor who ate or swallowed a package, or there was no package that was understood in one month. Forex is a long time learning process for Life Time and Live to earn. It is as fearful as little learning is possible and even a few days of trying to understand the matter is as fearful as it is terrible.

So How Do You Start?
Step 1
If you first get the idea of local-foreign forex training, mark the entire course of Forex campus or forex learning site and mark any one site for English lessons,
then take a specific time each day from your regular routine,
then start the study a little bit,
remember Do not get loaded fast.
Do not try to forcefully bring some hints.
If you give time to time, then time will give you time.
You can divide your study into three parts, or you can mess it up

  • Beginning, 
  • Professional and 
  • Advanced 

at these three levels.

Step 2
If you have a lot of issues to continue with the study, you can ask your forum about the problem. There are many experienced traders who can provide you with a better solution.

The demo started practicing at the same time as the demo ended the trading section. And continue to continue your regular study. Fixed Demo mercantilism Practices Like the way to Fix Regular Study.

Step 3
Hold on to your basic study course, currently, you'll perceive and trade truthful trade. So what will you do now! Actually, you will decide now whether you really trade through!!
If you have been enjoying your answer, and how this kind of concept gives you a lot of pleasure, then I would say that you will decide to forex. You can And start your next step.

And if you are not able to adapt itself to this type of earing system, or you are not understanding it right now, then I would say that you will not be forced to do anything.

You need to understand that this type of arc is not self-sufficient for you, you do not want to force more and do any other business you like.

Because at least as much as you understand the first condition at least hope that it is an art you can give as well as happy time, you will be able to succeed as soon as possible.

So if your assession period is not positive, then you exclude this type of business.

Because you know, everything not for everyone.

Step 4
Okay, you have decided that you will trade. So now it's time to make yourself a real trader.

You are a student or an employer. Take out 1-2 hours daily out of your normal work as you are very interested and interested in the subject.
This is your second assignment, I focus on feeling good because the result of forced work is not good.

Now Forex practice as a whole option by keeping your normal activities properly, do not expect to get a return from this market more quickly.
As an additional issue, when you discover that you are doing good business and your 4-6-month regular practice gives you positive results, you can think of investing.

Step 5
Basically, you have now come to know that there are many formulas for Forex trading and many strategies. Likewise, you know more about creating stratigraphy with one subject. But it is not possible to trade again with all the issues.

So now your job is to do regular trade in any decision-making style. You know that the formula for the trade of trades is three:

  • Technical Analysis,
  • Fundamental analysis and
  • Candlestick Analysis.

Basically, most of the trade is in technical analysis strategies and this strategy is the largest and time-consuming.

Step 6
Assuming that you decide to trade in technical analysis strategies, then the goal is to learn technical terms. You have already known that trends for trading are a special method for trading and identifying trends, using so many tools and studying for you.
And so start the day with various pattern drawing, standings, and execution.

This will give you a good idea about the pattern, then start working on advanced PVT point and fivnica retracement.

Step 7
In this step, you will proceed with one more chart, so long as you know, pattern drawing is to make sure how to fivnica. Now basically do the job again with more stride.
Let's get out of trading classic chart Patterns.
Basically, by following the site/book, you will be able to see how much the chart pattern works, how efficiently in different market secretions.
Follow a good chart pattern book. The purpose is only one.
As well as learning the pattern, do not take all the patterns together.
It could be a terrible situation.
So, after coming in a few patterns, set yourself up to 4-5 strategies and mark their trading success through demo trading.

Keep moving in this way.

Step 8
Let's go a little easier on a transparent path,
The indicator has got the MACD, you do not need to think about this indicator, because you probably do not know how much of this indicator!
You will be happy to know that many of the most experienced traders who are more popular than forex trading, their favorite trading strategies, but with MACD.

So, when the pattern has been understood, start with a little head start with the MACD and start trading regularly.

Keep in mind that you will find thousands of strategies to trade in the Forex market, if you throw yourself into the abyss, then you do not have to trade anymore,

So there is no need to become such a Strategy Expert.

Step 9
You have come to a lot of time, now that it has come so far, surely trade is doing well. So you know that you have done the second assessment, so you can do forex. This is the final. Now the time has come to be an expert.

How it is possible!
Actually, this is not too hard for you. Expert trading means it is a medal or no recognition!
Expert trading is good trading that you profit your Maximum trade and you keep a good knowledge of the market and understand market volatility and you can trade accordingly.

Now these things are all but you will not get an analysis, you should keep the knowledge about the currency falling and the issue of reciprocity, which you will get a lot of fundamental analysis, note that fundamental analysis is not meant to read only the economic calendar, but rather what Know how currency is fluctuated, that is, keep an eye on the economic data points Who is.
To understand how much fundamental analysis is with your technical analysis, how much important.

Let us now know about another common analysis. If you want to develop yourself as a Forex Expert.

That is candlestick analysis. There is no reason to think about candlestick analysis, because there are many negatives, I do not deny myself about candlestick patterns, but I can give some formulas so that your trade may be successful, note that when you enter the trade by technical analysis, Your candlestick pattern can be mixed a bit, but your trade should not be negative.
Now maybe the mood is getting worse or thinks that it will not be done by doing so much analysis, but at the same time, it seems that this is not the case.
Because when you come up with a good idea about various analytics, it is only a matter of a few seconds to make the order positively with different analyses in one order, so do not worry!!

Step 10
Yes, you know a lot about Forex.
Now, there is nothing to learn, just trade and you will be in the higher dollar!
I'm not convincing your taste, but I want to remind you that Forex trading is not the same year throughout the year, the same strategy that you are now able to trade in the strategy, but another time may not work in another month of the year, or you can not The target cannot be filtered or the trade can go against your order.

How do you trade for the whole year?
No-tension, I say, but it does not happen all the time, but it does not happen at all, but a little caution.

In this case, Simply you divide the whole year into three categories.

Such as:

  • October-January,
  • February-May and
  • June-September.

If you have noticed or are having a good trading experience, you can also catch yourself that even if the market is not as good as the market over the whole year, then 3-4 timing does not react outside the circle. So take the idea with annual charts.
To clear so many steps that have been tossed up, you can not actually do it in one day or you can not.

So in the middle of the learning, if there is some fatigue or a bit of an annoyance then take a short break, because the education of disorder will make you more disturbed, so start again after refreshing. But if going a little ahead every day, it is not to be annoyed, but curiosity will increase further. Because Forex is a topical art where you get an extreme price of your talent.

However, hopefully, before you hope you have invested a lot of money by investing your money, hopefully, and then, as a prerequisite, want to give good returns if you want a good return. I'm not saying you have to start trading with 500, 1000, 2000 or 5,000 dollars, just want to say that you have understood the trade, so think about all your aspects and invest as you please.

Maybe it's $10000 or more.

In addition to all your analyzes, the investor is a great factor, yes you might have a HUGE AMOUNT investor, but you have to know how to use it in a discreet manner.

And when you can finish learning up to this stage of my discussion, then I will not have to tell you how much you have to invest!

Without Invest Can You Trade?
I would like to give a simple answer, trade without investment, it is not possible to trade without investing, you may have heard that there are several Forex sites where you can pay bonus dollars when you post them, or some broker 5-10 dollars for their brand promotion Bonus is there.
It is true that many people take this opportunity, but you do not have to worry about a professional trader or good discipline and unconditional trading.
If you have a lot of choices for many things, in reality, if you make a trading money collection in this way, you can lose your good luck and you will lose your business sentiment, and you will be annoyed by the condition.
So let's go straight to the trade without being addicted to these things. Think of it as a business, there's no got to be a chance seeker. And as long as you are busy doing business, you know that you do not have a profit without any investment, keep it in mind.

Those who still do not know anything about Forex, but I have read this writing too, I also hope you have got a new concept of business, now for this new business how do you want to plan all your thoughts and plan a plan, just how to get started!

Surely the beginning of something beautiful is the end of that half.

So far, those who have forex trading, harassed, disturbed, losers, do a little research on their history, they have made a random trade or started trading without the adequate practice of risk management or key issues.

So, let's say you are normal and think like a lot of business, like the hard work and hard work of the business success.

Yes, Forex is a different type of business, the hard work here is your talent. So the business is not acceptable to everyone and everyone can not.

Do not get too excited to accelerate the accelerator, or do not worry about this business as a method for someone to be rich overnight.

FullTime/ParTime Forex:
The matter is very important because in many cases, full-time Forex traders can earn the amount that they earn during the day, part-time traders can do the same.

Moreover, 65%+ of forex traders are part-time traders.

Moreover, full-time traders take good care of the mind, because of which they are somewhat lazy. Other things do not become too much by them.
There is no need to take a full-time starter. Basically, the difference between full-time and part-time trading is pressure, how much pressure you can take. So do not get too complicated in this matter, keep moving according to your sentiment.

You can make a great deal of three types of careers on Forex:

  • Professional Trader or Institutional Trader
  • Forex Analyst or Currency Researcher
  • E.A. developer

Many high-level jobs can also be posted on various interesting posts including regulators and exchange managers.

If you can be a good analyst inefficient trading, there is another huge possibility for you, besides trading, it is an analyst.
All broker's different Forex service providers have a huge sector of Currency Analysis, which is more likely to be able to give more effective and effective Efficiency Customers, and the long-jump of all the foremost firms is on this topic.
So if you can build yourself as a skilled analyst, then forex companies will take you out and give you high celery, which may be $4000-7000 monthly.

You will continue to work in your home according to your duties. The way you sit in your house and trade.
So there are a lot of prospects in this sector.

The main point of success in the forex market is:

  • Patience +
  • Humility +
  • Education = Success

So many people are trading with a lot of time and creating analytical skills in different ways. Researching the mathematical explanations of various topics and acquiring the ability to understand price movements. So if the target is an analyst, then note down your trade formulas from the beginning, update and set a form of logic for each stratigraphic, so you can proceed.

Actually, you are an analyst, because you need to trade in each and every trade, but the analysis is the way you enter the trade. So always emphasize the subject. To practice, at one point you will get your targeted area

But to reach that position, you must pass a mile blade of 3-5 years or more, with regular study. So, in the normal way, keep track of the number of these things.

Some Important Words:
If you agree, you will get benefits, or you may have to suffer.
1. Do not trade by a loan.
2. Do not trade force to fill the target.
3. Trade Demo with the same amount of money you can invest in live trade.
4. Do not order trade in yes or no function.
5. Occasionally, break from the trade.
6. Do not compete.
7. Keep all trade records, compare positive and negative trade. Review the Negative Trade and fix it.
8. Do not increase the volume on trade in number 3 with two positive results in two successive trade.
9. Do not trade against wishes if you do not mind.
10. Analyze the 5-minute chart before opening a trade.

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