Support sensory processing disorder sufferers be recognised as a disability

  • by: Michaela Lobban
  • target: IDEA and others who have permissions to alter the disability checklist!!!!!

A child who has SPD has so many difficulties similar to autistic spectrum disorders its closely connected.They do not recieve the help recommended by Occupational therapists or child pshycologists and its merely at schools and other organisations at there discretion or funding capabilities to provide lifetime support for these forgotten children!!!!

To our Education MP.
I am choosing to fight for sensory processing to be recognised as a disability.
Either as a spectrum of its own or as an autistic spectrum dianosis.
I have decided to do this as i feel that these sufferers are heavily neglected by the authorities.
They require the same therapies and efforts that an asd child recieves yet its not compulsary.
I'm an mother of a child who has SPD and daily i watch the effects of challenges like soiling themselves and and social difficulties have on them.
I watch young children wish they were dead because life is so hard for them.
The panic that is installed in them due to things we see as mundane or usual,such as loud noises,alarms,brushing there teeth,hygiene issues,learning difficulties,spacial awareness,depression,car journeys,lights,shouting,santa,clothes,smells,food,the list goes on.
I have experienced my 9 year old boy telling me he wants to die ,this is because his environment is wrong for his disability!
I want to stop these kids feeling alone.In america it is recognised as a seperated disability but also recognised a strong part of the autistic spectrum.
I want to say that this is down to ignorance,ive heard that teachers have told the parents of sufferers that insufficient funding is the reason for lack of help,Occupational therapists in peterborough have expressed the urgency in recognising and helping children with this condition,because they CAN'T make it alone.
On behalf of every SPD child
      Michaela Lobban 

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