Cry for justice! "Liberty in an absence of justice is short of slavery"

Cry for justice!
Lemay and Sons Beef "New Hampshire only USDA Licensed" animal processing facility, is located in an industrial zoned district of Goffstown. For more than thirty years, Lemay had a monopoly over the entire State's meat processing industry. Mr. Lemay allegedly had control over many prominent state politicians, therefore, no licensing was issued for anyone else.

Mr. Lemay had a stranglehold over the entire State of New Hampshire's farmers and consumers in the meat processing industry. For years, farmers and consumers endured a long distance traveling, lengthy waiting time to process their animals, thus creating extra fuel costs and extra time picking up their processed meat.

New Hampshire farmers had also faced hardships selling their animals locally and had been forced to travel out of the state, thus emphasizing Lemay's monopoly. They have endured the loss of time and revenue due to increasing traveling expenses. Furthermore, residents of the state who follow strict dietary law were denied basic human rights to meet their dietary requirement.

We had proposed to use our property, located in an agriculturally zoned district, at 83 Joppa Hill Road Goffstown, NH, for Halal meat processing. We applied for a permit in May 2008. Subsequently, Lemay was alerted of the facility proposal by Goffstown Zoning Enforcement Officer, Mr. Derik Horne. Thereafter, Mr. Lemay had campaigned forcefully, to stop the proposed halal animal processing facility.

During the processing of our application with Goffstown Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) and State Courts, Mr. Lemay had displayed threatening conduct to me and allegedly others. He had made alleged death threats on the phone towards me and once tried to run me over with his truck.

Mr. Lemay, allegedly bribed Mr. Horne, Goffstown Zoning Department and almost all ZBA members, state officials, judges, attorneys, and NH State Police Department (NHSPD) amongst others. We were unable to get justice in the town hall and the state of New Hampshire courts, thus creating a miscarriage of justice.

The authorities arbitrarily denied our family the right to exist and survive using our farmland in violation of the Town Zoning Ordinance, State and Federal law. We have been denied to build a future for our family. Our civil rights have been violated.

Nonetheless, as a farmer and a member of the NH Farmers Association (NHFBA), our struggle for justice had highlighted the hardships of farmers and consumers. Thus, it created a widespread backlash against the authorities in New Hampshire; the self-serving local and state authorities allegedly enriching themselves at the expense of farmers, consumers.

In 2011, Lemay's monopoly finally, ended. Subsequently, three or more USDA animal processing facilities had open. Thereafter, the abuse against our entire family by the authorities has escalated. We have been subjected to enormous abuses by the Town's authorities and NHSPD and their associates.

We had a lucrative business, pre-owned automobile (Royal Motors LLC) in Nashua NH. Due to harassment from the NH State Police and the lack of transparency on the part of NHSPD, we had fears for our safety, the safety of an employee, thus on Dec 2013, we closed the business.

Goffstown authorities, NHSPD, NHDOJ, and others, intended to drive us out of our property, our business, and our home state. Unfortunately, they have succeeded. We have been persecuted for defending our rights according to the rule of law.

Mr. Rich Lemay, Goffstown Zoning Department, and some of the state authority's malicious conduct, driven by greed, anger, and bigotry has carried the hateful and belligerent act of aggression towards the innocent, helpless law-abiding US citizens. Time and time again, they have demonstrated this, with no regards to the rule of law or civil rights.

We have been bullied by corrupt authorities allegedly financed by a gangster Mr. Lemay, and as a result, we have lost our dream home. My wife and kids are internally displaced, living in a "ghetto" without a father. Our dream — the American dream — has been shattered.

"Injustice against a single American Family is a threat to the justice of every American family in the USA."

We appeal to all American and the citizen of the globe to support our struggle in the quest for justice by signing the petition, cry for justice.

Thank you!

"Liberty in an absence of justice is short of slavery"—Negash Abdelkader

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