Stop Needless Destruction of Habitats

        Stop the destruction of habitats and forests! Legalize hemp, a useful and widely used plant throughout the world except for the USA where it has been demonized. Many people associate indusrial hemp with the drug marijuana and right now I want to clarify that they are completely different things. Idustrial hemp can be used for  many different things, building materials, paper, food, and clothing, and on the plus side it has a large carbon dioxide intake. Marijuana is manly used for the THC which gives people the high that they are looking for while hemp has almost no THC and can be used to manufacture 1000 of things and yet it is illegal because companies make money off the fact we use wood. Companies get to sell more products because wood and paper made of wood pulp does not last as long as hemp made products therfore making you buy more. The US imports more hemp than any other country, wasting money and causing output of carbon dioxide during the transportation process. The USA could save money, time, and the Earth if they realized that Hemp should not be demonized just because of its infamous cousin. Hemp is very cheap to grow because it takes much less pestisides than plants like cotton and also an acre of hemp could continually produce the amount of materials from an acre of forest. You could save the forests and stop the destructuion of natural habitats. Hemp also has seeds that are cheap and very healthy, they contain many needed ingredients for healthy brain activity. Hemp could substantialy benifiet the USA economically, could stop destruction of forests and habitiats, and should be used to its full extent

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