Demand justice for my mother's murder... I'm fighting for 10 YEARS!!

  • by: Carla Venturelli
  • recipient: President of Italy Napolitano , italian minister of Health and Justice Balduzzi e Severino

When you lose a loved one tragically, one of the few that remain, you must have at least the consolation of justice, nobody has to fight for years  without anyone listening, such atrocities should not happen in the future in a country called "civil "

   My mother  Emma  lost her life during the substitution of  heart valve, an operation which is considered as an ordinary one within specialized centers.

The operation took place 10  years ago at a department of  Polyclinic in Monza, a famous hospital  whose motto is "ethics in health care".

We had been told that the operation had been executed too late and, as our  doctor personally knew the  doctors, we trusted them and did not question what they said.

Instead ,  reading thoroughly the clinical diagnosis a month after her death  we discovered that a heart attack had occurred and that it SURELY had been a consequence of  the operation, to be precise of the "staple of the coronary artery" during the sewing of the new heart valve: this terrible event  had  been COMPLETELY hidden to us so as to deny us to clarify the circumstances

After this discovery, a wall of silence  by all the lawyers and coroners we addressed ourselves.

Convinced of the necessity to fight for  own rights, already tried by the loss of my father,   who died when I was about twenty after a decade of disease, by  various miscarriages and by the impossibility of having children, I  took the decision of standing up in order to obtain clarity.

After 2 years and   intervention of  influential people,  I have been summoned by a  supervision coordinator and informed of the concrete possibility that ALSO  a wrong blood transfusion had occurred, even within the walls of the operation room.

The coordinator had informed me even about the existence of a signed document, inadvertenly released by the doctors, with the wrong bag number.

Also there were a very high number of transfusions (almost 40) registered on it, plus other alarming symptoms, agreeing with me about asking enlightenment concerning that blood bag, the blood group, its receiver , ecc.

The coordinator has been irrecoverable  since then,     I have tried to contact him many times  without any results and when I  finally managed to call him he hung up the phone.

After that, I immediately submitted a statement to the attorney's office in A. , explaining what had occurred , emphasizing that I had a witness of the mentioned talk ., even more  than one!

I have NEVER been convened, nor has been the witness  I had mentioned in  the statement, nor  my assertions have been charged to the coordinator , I am sure because I read the records...

 Everything has been dismissed on the basis of 7 words  long expert testimony,  "there are no signs of wrong transfusion", in spite of  an extremely high quantity  and of a clearly manipulated clinical folder!!

It seems very UNLIKELY that you make a wrong transfusion and leave the signs!!

 Even I identified   the document with the wrong blood bag number and with signatures and initials of two employers of  the nursing house and forwarded the information to judge.

The objection has been rejected because the document the attorney had affirmed in the proceedings did not exist,  which had been mentioned by the coordinator  in front of  witnesses  but absolutely not in front of the attorney was NOT A RELEVANT ONE , according the attorney..

With an incredible effort, I demanded help to the istitutions and, judging by the  severity of my statements, a valuation at the governing council of the Italian judiciary was requested almost 6  years ago but  NO ANSWER has ever arrived.

Only by making  hundreds of requests, I got to know that the valuation has occurred  3  YEARS AGO, AFTER ALMOST 3 YEARS,  without advising me of the outcome despite  the request of the same presidency.

I was waiting the answer for years,  month after month , day after day and this is  PITILESS!

If I tell lies, then I have to be charged for false allegations, if not such a dreadful possibility must be seriously investigated!

The article 8 of Universal Charter of Human Rights provides:

Everyone has the right to an effective remedy by the competent national tribunals for acts violating the fundamental rights granted him by theconstitution or by law.

Not surprisingly, Italy is the 189 th place in the world rankings for the management of justice!

The istitutions have  not been answering for years, not even  to the letter I wrote after my father-in-law died of an heart attack (in the street !!)  and his last years were years of bitterness for my suffering ..

One year ago ,  also my brother in law died,  47 years old,  two children,    the  situation of our family  is now terrible. 

As a result of this, I am sick of    reactive depression in first grade and, despite the treatment, I'm losing the control of my mind as well as I lost the health of my body.

Of course I am in possession of docuemnts proving ALL my statements.

If you could help me to obtain a bare minimum of justice ..

Thank You so  much. from the heart!

Yours sincerely,


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