Standing Together For The Horses at Otter Creek Ranch Miltown, WI

  • by: Theresa Erickson
  • target: Standing together for the Horses is asking for the removal of all these animals.

 STANDING TOGETHER FOR THE HORSES, We are the voice for those with out one.

STANDING TOGETHER FOR THE HORSES, is asking for Immediate attention for the OTTERCREEK RANCH HORSES (aka Micabren Acres) owned by Michael Feist and Dr. Brenda Weierke, Chiropractor,  wife of Michael Feist located at 2055 State Highway 46, Milltown, WI 54858 in Polk County.

Mr. Feist/ Dr. Brenda  Weierke, Chiropractor have been running Otter Creek Ranch, a trail riding business, in Milltown, WI for nearly two years. Since their arrival to Polk County, neighbors and concerned citizens have been reporting their concerns to authorities regarding the health of the horses at Otter Creek Ranch. Mr. Feist/ Dr. Brenda   Weierke, Chiropractor consistently fail to feed and provide appropriate veterinary care for their horses. Most of the horses in their care are thin and an unknown number have died. A recent visit by the Polk County Sheriff’s Department revealed the carcasses of at least four dead horses. Two of those carcasses were removed for necropsy to determine the cause of death. The living horses exhibit classic signs of inadequate nutrition, including protruding spines, ribs showing through a thick hair coat, boney hips and sunken in flanks. Large, gaping wounds have been left untreated. Young horses have hooves that look like skis and every rib shows. Photographs on the Otter Creek Facebook page show animals that are not properly groomed with matted manes and overgrown hooves. Animals that are nearly to the point of starvation are shown in photographs being ridden by adults. Farriers working with Mr. Feist’s horses report cases of chronic and acute hoof issues that went untreated for months. Volunteers and employees report that stalls where several stallions are housed are not cleaned and the filth and muck in the stall is several feet deep. The stallions also are not allowed out of their tiny stalls and many have developed neurotic tendencies due to boredom and malnutrition. Some horses have resorted to eating the wood in their stalls to survive.

Skeletal horses are being ridden on a regular basis as evidenced in their online photo album. Cattle are housed in a tiny pen that is not cleaned, causing the calves to lie in their own manure and become caked with manure and filth. Mr. Feist claims to feed “barley fodder,” a fresh green that can be grown quickly under lights indoors. Barley fodder can supply a major portion of a horse’s daily calories, but some form of supplemental roughage also needs to be fed in order to maintain a healthy animal. According to data and calculations, Mr. Feist needs to plant 400 lbs. of barley seed planted every day just to maintain the horses he currently owns. This equals 5600 lbs. per week and 146,000 lbs. per year. Because these horses are emaciated, they will require 2 to 3 times their maintenance calories in order to gain the weight they need in order to survive the winter.

Mr. Feist and Dr. Brenda Weierke, Chiropractor  is a repeat offender and has not remedied the tragic situation despite warnings from authorities and a veterinarian-prescribed plan to improve the health of his animals. Veterinarians have been called in to examine Otter Creek Ranch’s animals at the Polk County site at least three times in the last two years, each time finding that the animals are not being adequately cared for. Prior to moving to Polk County, Mr. Feist rented a horse facility in New Richmond, WI in St. Croix County. While there, numerous complaints were made to authorities to report injured  and starving horses. The new owners of the St. Croix County farm report removing dead horses from the barns, feet of manure and filth built up in the horse stalls after Mr. Feist’s departure. It has been reported that they are still unearthing bones of horses that died on that property.

People in the horse community and local non-horse people have voiced concern since Mr. Feist moved to Milltown Township regarding the lack of care, conditions of the horses, and the unsafe/unhealthy environment of Mr. Feist’s farm.

Neighbors report their opinions, poor quality hay or no hay, inadequate pasture management and poor fencing including broken boards inadequate to confine the horses and keep them off the State Highway 46 just a few feet away.  Emaciated animals, standing on concrete, horses being constantly ridden, all confirm that the horses should be removed from the care of Mr. Feist and before any more succumb to starvation. Media attention has shown unhealthy and malnourished horses as well as repeated unfounded excuses by Mr. Feist. Ignorance of proper horse care is not a valid excuse for Mr. Feist/ Dr. Brenda Weierke, Chiropractor mistreatment of these animals. Mr. Feist and  Dr. Brenda Weierke, Chiropractor have a history of breeding and raising show horses valued at more than $100,000 and they know what these animals need to be healthy. Standing Together for the Horses’ opinion is that this is evidence of classic Hoarding behavior by listing horses at extreme high dollar and not selling them, continually breeding year after year without providing proper care.

We are heading into Wisconsin’s most challenging season; action must be taken NOW. If we do not act soon, these horses may not see Spring as so many, in the past, have sadly done. The purpose of this petition is to stand together to show your support for efforts to facilitate the removal of the horses from Otter Creek Ranch and to prevent subjecting the resident horses from future abuse and neglect at the hands of Mr. Feist and Dr. Brenda Weierke, Chiropractor wife of Michael Feist. With this petition we are recognizing the unsafe, unhealthy, neglectful conditions these horses are being forced to live in. By signing this petition, in an electronic format, you are acknowledging that you agree with the above statements and promote the removal of these horses from future neglect.



ake 2 or 3 paragraphs to describe this issue to readers: why it’s important, and why they should sign.

He has been charged with 34  counts 4 of which are felonies.  But he is still able to keep 80+ horses on the property.  Really........ why I ask myself please help us.

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