Justice for Nick Christie Murdered in the Lee County, Florida Jail , By Lee County Fl Deputies

Nick Christie came to Florida for a vacation to do some fishing, However; Nick never made it back to Ohio and his family alive.
With an active Welfare BOLO issued, Nick was Arrested ,Tortured ,Denied Medical attention and Murder by the hands of the Lee County Sheriff's Deputies at the Lee County Jail.


THE MURDERS NEED TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE : LCSO Deputies ; Kurtis Calhoun, Frank Hansen, Daniel Falzone and Dathan Pyle , Got away with Murder because they were cleared by their own Internal Affairs department at Lee County Sheriffs Office
No One has been held accountable; Ruled a Homicide by the Medical Examiner and ignored by Sheriff Mike Scott, Former Col. Michael Waite and State Attorney Steven B. Russell, These deputies were not even suspended for actions, It was allowed and condoned.

This is not an isolated incident , The Abuse of Power, Corruption, Racketeering, Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault and Abuse in the Lee County Fla Jail by deputies has gone unaccountable since 2005 ..

Please ; Do Not allow the Murder of Nick Christie go unpunished !


Since 2005 the absolute corruption of the Lee County Sheriff's Office and State Attorney of the 20th circuit, Has gone UN-noticed and UN-punished.
A Demand for Justice in the Murder case of Nick Christie, who was tortured by the hands of those who are to protect and serve.

The SAO, FDLE and  LCSO; Has violated the eight amendment , Abused the powers of office, Allowed and condoned abuse, racketeering, domestic violence and sexual assault by LCSO deputies, Violated the Hatch Act, Abuse of funds, Violation of FDLE 
According to the FCIC Manual Chapter 2.3 on use of information:

• Allegations Richard Spence, Friend and contributor to Mike Scott and Steve Russell, A convicted felon who is a member of the Colombian Cali Cartel was allowed to clean up a crime scene at his son’s home.

• Allegations a sheriff’s office employee revealed the installation of a pole camera at the Alva  Market, Spence’s store.

• Allegations a sheriff's office employee revealed an undercover officer’s identity.

• Allegations public records were destroyed regarding a polygraph exam of two captains.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has cleared Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott of all criminal misconduct over certain aspects of his relationship with a convicted felon.

Considering the allegations and documentation provided to the FDLE, They were able to conclude quickly..

According to the FCIC Manual Chapter 2.3 on use of information:

• “Information ... accessed through FCIC workstations located in local law enforcement agencies cannot be used for noncriminal justice purposes or released to noncriminal justice personnel.’’

• “Access to FCIC or information retrieved from the files shall not be made available to noncriminal justice agencies or private individuals. Information ... including both wanted and criminal history information shall not be made available under Florida's Public Record Law.’’

• “Sheriff’s Office members shall not knowingly violate or cause another to violate any statute, rule, or regulation relating to the Office of the Sheriff.’’

Now of Course , We can't forget the violation of the Hatch Act during the 2008 Presidential Campaign, and my mission to seek justice for the MURDER of Nick Christie as well as other unethical behavior by Scott- Free that violated several policies and procedures .

Do your research, read about the Christie Murder at the Lee County Jail, Scott's involvement with the Colombian Cartel felon Richard Spence, The multiplying law suits and Disgrace that Lee County has had to endure since Mike Scott was Elected to office without any experience but a well known face from the morning news traffic report and How the State Attorney allows this behavior and condoned the murder of Nick Christie by clearing the LCSO of any wrong doing ..

The SAO was never informed of the death in the jail until a warrant was issued for Nick Christie for failure to appear in court.

Mrs. Joyce Christie was threatened with arrest if she did not stop calling to get her husband help.

Anyone who has exposed the corruption has been retaliated against by all means possible. 

Please STOP this and hold these people accountable for their horrific actions. Please Do Not allow the death of Nick Christie be in vein !

A more detailed account is available at : www.andjustice4all.org

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