Hold Congressional Oversight Hearings On The Pandemic Rise Of Cancer

It is time to collectively move from awareness to action in the fight against cancer.

After 44 years, and millions and millions of deaths, we are still way to far away from President Richard Nixon's 1971 promise that we would find a cure for cancer in 5 years.

Cancer diagnosis' has soared to a catastrophic 1 in 3 for women and 1 in 2 for men. This is not a theoretical or hypothetical threat. Cancer is real. It is growing. Why? Cancer is not a contagious disease. What is in our medicines, food, air, hygiene and cleaning products, and lifestyle, that are contributing to this epidemic? What are the most effective curative, and preventative strategies? And can we better educate our children?

We need transparency and we need to demand congressional oversight hearings for:

1. Pharmaceutical companies: What are the cures they are seeking? Where has there been progress and setbacks?

2. Cancer is a billion dollar business. Many believe the drug companies do not create cures, they create customers and suppress cures. Congress should investigate and remedy if true, or improve public trust if false.

3. What potential cures are NOT being researched/ funded because there is no patent or profit involved? (This includes FDA drugs approved for one use, whose patent has expired but may have beneficial value for cancer treatment.)

4. The average cost of cancer drugs has doubled in the last ten years to about $10,000 per month. Can these costs be contained? If not, why?

5. What are the effects of the cocktail of drugs people take, and are they contributing to the rise in cancer?

6. Oversight of hospitals: Death by hospital medical errors is the 3rd leading cause of death. How much of this contributes to cancer deaths? How can we do better?

7. Cancer patients right to know: How many times, and how successfully has a doctor and hospital performed a procedure? And does the doctor or hospital have access to the most up to date technology and treatment protocols?

8. Why are potentially cancer-causing remedies such as chemotherapy and radiation the predominant treatments? What is being done to mitigate their risks and to find alternatives?

9. How can surgery risks such as deaths caused by infection be reduced?

10. What is the current state of cancer screening and genetic testing? How can screening be improved and made more affordable and accessible?

11. Why is cancer causing radiation/ x-ray based scans such as PET and CAT still predominant? Can we advance MRI based technology to replace radiation?

12. Why are so many countries banning genetically modified foods? (GMO’s)

As a result of the 2,977 victims on 9/11/01, Homeland Security was formed. If the number of deaths and people effected by terrorism continued to grow year after year, the way cancer has, what would we think about Homeland Security? Would we be satisfied with those results?

Of far less significance is sports. However, like sports, the search for the cure for cancer should be a results oriented business. If a team isn’t winning there is an abundance of analysis over every possible reason why. Oftentimes a new course of action for the team is laid out. New players are signed, old ones are cut or traded, and coaches get fired.

Are we winning in the fight against cancer? How many millions must die before we say enough? Before we analyze our process and every reason why?

If you think the epidemic loss of life, the suffering prior to dying and the collateral damage to family and friends is worse than a team not making the playoffs, please sign this petition urging congress to hold congressional oversight hearings.

If new, better, or reinvigorated efforts come as a result of congressional hearings, and can help prevent, or cure just ten percent of new cancer diagnosis’ and deaths, that would save over 57,000 lives in just one year! Further, the quality of life could be improved for tens or even hundreds of thousands of people... per year!

Please sign this petition and forward to as many people as possible. And ask congress to hold these hearings.

Dear Congressional Oversight Committee:

Currently, cancer is the number 2 cause of death in America.  However, it is projected to be number one by the year 2030, by the American Society of Clinical Oncology.  In 2012 it was already the number 1 COD for adults aged 45 to 64.  Children aren't spared either as it is the 2nd leasing cause of death for children aged 5 to 14.

While it doesn't kill everyone, cancer is a devastating and traumatizing experience. The rate of cancer diagnosis has skyrocketed to 1 in 3 for women and 1 in 2 for men.  In survival of the fittest, it is fair to say cancer is the hunter and we are the prey.  Congress, you can help change that.

Congress, you’ve held hearings over steroids in baseball, government use of credit cards, marijuana policy, guns, and many other issues with far less impact on individuals, families and the public, in terms of:

  • Loss of life,

  • Pain & suffering

  • Emotional, and financial cost.

Cancer effects millions and millions of people…if you total the amount of U.S. Deaths from ALL wars, from the revolutionary war in 1775, WWI, WWII, to the war on terror in Afghanistan and Iraq, everything! That total is less than 1.35 million. Or less than the amount of people that die from cancer in just three years.

Please give cancer the attention it needs and the public deserves.  Conduct oversight hearings into all aspects of treating, preventing and curing cancer that can potentially lead to changes that will save countless lives.

This includes:

  1. Pharmaceutical companies.

  2. Hospitals/ medical errors.

  3. Research.

  4. The FDA

  5. Mitigating (or finding new treatments) the effects of "cures" like chemo and radiation that can cause secondary cancers.

  6. Alternative and Complimentary cures.

  7. Screening and access to screening.

If new, better, or reinvigorated efforts come as a result of congressional hearings, and can help prevent, or cure just ten percent of new cancer diagnosis’ and deaths, that would save over 57,000 lives in just one year! Further, the quality of life could be improved for tens or even hundreds of thousands of people... per year!

When tragedy strikes it is said that the victims of the families have a right to know.  To have answers to the whys and the hows, and the what is being done to prevent a future similar situation.  Further, though not all Americans are directly effected by all tragedy's, such as a terrorist act in a specific city.  However, we have a vested interest in keeping a similar type of tradegy from happening in the future that could hit closer to home. 

Cancer is such a tragedy that has devastated so many... is devastating so many... and will continue to do so.  It is not a theoretical or hypothetical threat.  For the sake of all, I am asking you to please deal with it.  The family members of those fallen to this plague have a right to know. Not only to honor the loved ones left behind but to know what is being done to help prevent it from happening again. 

The sooner you act and start these hearings, the more lives you can help save and the less people that will have to go through such a horrifying experience.

Thank you for your attention to this urgent matter.

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