Don't hurt me! Stop cruel animal research! This is the voice of animals that are hurting!

  • by: Health & Wellness
  • target: Send the signatures to any universities, laboratories, anywhere where there is vivesection/ dissection of animals.

Global community-these are images of just a few of the millions of animals used over the centuries in vivesection! A practice which has been, in various times through history, attempted to be outlawed.  It is time the barbaric, sadistic cruel people who torture, maim and kill animals on the grounds of 'research' are stopped! Cruel acts that surely only madmen (and women) delight in taking part in. And the money poured into these studies!!! Surely they could be put towards more humane projects. Join together, sign this petition and share please.  Let's use this petition for all causes of the barbaric, sadistic vivesection acts. Copy/paste signaturies as required.     

Stop! This is what you are doing! Deliberately maiming, multilating and dissecting animals and they are alive and have feelings!
The global community are listening, watching, and finding out!
Whilst once this was hidden, with the internet, more and more people are finding out.  
These kind of acts would throw you in jail if you weren't hidden behind a 'Research Project' banner and a laboratory.
Despicable acts need to be stopped!      

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