TO ALL AUSTRALIANS. COMPULSORY VOTING is an act of SLAVERY. Defined as "To FORCE another to do your bidding or face VIOLATION." Demand your EMANCIPATION from this criminal act of SLAVERY forced by SLAVERS & SLAVE GANGS known as POLITICIANS / POLITICAL PARTIES and their associated criminal gangs ie: The REVENUE SERVICE. If you practice your HUMAN RIGHT to CHOOSE not to VOTE - then you are VIOLATED / FINED by these SLAVERS. This CRIME is a blatant act of EXTORTION. COMPULSORY VOTING is their GUN and FINES are their BULLETS which they FIRE at every AUSTRALIAN who doesn't SUBMIT to being their SLAVES. The enforcing of this act of SLAVERY and EXTORTION by ARMED GANGS puts an individual into a state of FEAR and DREAD. To put someone into a state of fear and dread is DICTIONARY defined as an act of TERRORISM. Those who commit this act are CLEARLY defined as TERRORISTS. No-one has the RIGHT to ENSLAVE another. Now considering that these CRIMINALS FORCE this HEINOUS CRIME on ALL AUSTRALIANS - makes it an act of TREASON against all AUSTRALIANS. DEMAND THE ABOLITION OF THIS BLATANT, DEFINED ACT OF NATIONAL SLAVERY and that EVERY PERSON involved in this ACT OF SLAVERY, THIS ACT OF EXTORTION, THIS ACT OF TERRORISM & THIS ACT OF TREASON BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR DICTIONARY DEFINED CRIMES. It is not "I AM, YOU ARE, WE ARE SLAVES." - IT'S "I AM, YOU ARE, WE ARE AUSTRALIAN." We are the people of THE FAIR GO FOR ALL. Those who commit these obviously CRIMINAL acts through the national CRIME of COMPULSORY VOTING are the ENEMY OF THE FAIR GO FOR ALL (even though they vomit it out of their mouths regularly) AND EVERY TRUE BLUE AUSSIE WHO STANDS FOR IT. Ask yourselves - Do you stand for SLAVERY or LIBERTY? - Dave. One of the last True Blue Australians left.
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