Non Eviction for noise ordinance for tenants Jasmen Marley, Isa Likmeta

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  • target: Neighbors on 5th st NW

My name is Jasmen Marley I live at address 1150 5th st NW. My boyfriend and my two children one who is (8) the other (2months) live in address 1150 5th st NW. I am currently being told that I am going to be evicted for a noise ordinance violation. I am being falsely accused for insidences that do not occur. I am having police called on me numerous occasions stating that me and my boyfriend are causing disturbances to our neighbors for fighting. I understand that everybody has diasagreements and have arguements but I have not had such arguments to where police needed to be involved or broken a noise ordinance. I have apologized to my neighbors and asked them to please come to me if they felt we are being to loud and they agreed. I again had police called on me and come to my house stating that me and my boyfriend were fighting again at midnight in my home. My two children were woken out of their sleep when the police had come searching my house. They had said somebody complained that we were fighting and the police found no evidence of that being the case. My boyfriend was not home at the time and had not stayed at our house for a week and a half before this last call because he had to take care of his disabled sister. So I went to my neighbors in unit C right after the police left and they stated that they had heard no argument at all either. I believe my family should not be evicted from our home for a something that we are not doing. I have done everything I can think of to be considerate of my neighbors and to comply to fix the noise ordinance. I have also asked my neighbors to the right of my unit if we are loud and they also stated not at all and strongly feel that we should not be getting calls from the police nor evicted from our home. I am not understang as to why someone is making these alligations on us but it has become an issue that has become a problem to our livelyhood. I would appreciate it if anyone could speak on our behalf to keep our home and speak up that we our not violating a noise ordinance. I appreciate everyones time and help towards our family thank you very much

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