Texas: Don't Force Mothers to Deliver Stillborn Babies!

  • by: Ann W
  • target: Joe Straus, Speaker of the House; Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (President of the Senate), Texas

Recently, a soon-to-be Texas mother was 20 weeks into her pregnancy when complications set in. Rushing to the hospital she found out that the baby was already pushing out of her cervix, feet first. After multiple attempts to stop the preterm labor failed, his parents were informed there was nothing they could do; the baby was slowly dying.

The young parents were told the only humane thing they could do was pop the sack and let the baby continue his path to a premature birth. Either way, the baby would not survive. Unfortunately, Texas law (HB2) prevented the doctors from being able to stop the baby's slow death in his mother's birth canal, so they sent the mother home.

Texas Bill HB2 is meant to prevent late term abortions. But it is written in such a strict way, that even women who do not want a late term abortion have been forced to wait for her already-dying baby to die inside of her. This is distressing to a suffering baby and mental torment for a mother. Even doctors have argued against this Bill.

No matter what one's views of abortion are, I believe we can all agree that in dire medical situations such as this one, a mother should not be forced to carry a stillbirth to term. It is inhumane torture to the baby and mother.

Please ask Texas to amend HB2 so that mothers are not forced to wait for a dead or dying baby to go to full term. This is not an abortion debate – it is a matter of mental and medical necessity.

Attn: Joe Straus, Speaker of the House and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (President of the Senate) State of Texas

Dear Sirs,

We, (the undersigned) are petition Texas lawmakers asking for an amendment to House Bill 2 restricting late term abortions. We are not writing to you to protest or support abortions, but we are asking for an amendment to this Bill that will allow doctors to make medically necessary decisions based on the health status of the baby and mother. As it stands now, mother's are being forced to carry already dying, or dead, babies to term. This needs to stop.

We realize this may be a difficult subject for citizens who do not believe abortion, especially late term abortions, should be legal. But, as stated above, this petition is not calling on lawmakers to allow late term abortions. It is calling on lawmakers to allow doctors and patients to make decisions in what is already a harrowing ordeal for patients, without the added torment of a law (that does not take into account medical emergencies) to interfere.

Please amend HB2 and give doctors and patients the ability to act with medical prudence during the tragedy of an unborn baby's death.


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