vote for wave free zones

  • by: Estella Miller
  • recipient: small rural towns in america, and congress,U.S.A.

2 petitions explain cause n effect of wireless waves the problems and the solution. 1st petition titled VOTE FOR WAVE FREE ZONES explains the problem. the 2nd petition titled VOTE FOR EARTH BALANCED PROJECTS IN WAVE FREE ZONES explains THE SOLUTION.   To sign the petitions on line type in 2nd petition type in    OR CLICK ON THEM                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Bad dezine and placement of cell towers and solar panel farms ( placed at ground level with people cars and houses ) in the environment can cause injurys even death? ( near the same level ) A Warning Perhaps ? Why are there Warning Labels ? if placed wrong in some environmental circumstances such as rocks melted lava and some walls to bounce off of,( see wave behaviors ) due to CELL TOWER WAVES BOUNCEING OFF SOLAR PANEL FARMS Also Radiowaves have longer wavelengths and are reflected by the ionosphere (PART OF EARTHS ATMOSPHERE )Ref. ( Microwave and radiowave ) ( RADIATION ) KILLING THE BIRDS AND THE BEES (same example of actions solar radiation bounceing off solar panels at IVANPAH ca.nev.stateline that kills birds) same  (CAUSE AND EFFECT)>la-me-solar-birds-deaths-20160831-snap-story> Our bees have started vanishing in massive numbers. We are wittnessing worldwide colony collapse disorder (CCD),where bees suddenly disappear,leaving just the queens,eggs,and a few immature workers.Eerily,parasites,wildlife.and other bees that would normally raid the leftover honey and pollen stay away from these abandoned hives.More than half of the commercial bee population has disappeared in the United States over the previous few years. We rely on bees to pollinate our food,Without bees,we'd only have 4 years left on this earth. many fingers are being pointed towards mobile phones.(reaccuring infections and viruses have been noted in bees and people exposed to r.f. in researched articles)Experts are guessing their radiation is causeing the bees to lose their way and die alone,unable to find their hives.written by Shazzie ref.- Also on detoxing also and rf waves are bounceing off piezo electric rocks and human skulls and bones and teeth of living people.(which are also piezoelectric) that means they put out more charge when hit with rf waves.( Example refrence )THE NEW YORK TIMES U.S.Embassy Workers, Doctors say microwave strikes may have caused sonic delusions and very real brain damage among embassy staff and family members.By William J.Broad Ref. ( Radiowaves have longer wavelengths and are reflected by the ionosphere ( part of earths atmosphere) THAT MEANS WAVES COME OUT OF THE TOWERS AND SATELITES BOUNCE OFF SOLARPANEL FARMS THEN BOUNCE OFF ROCKS AND WALLS AND BOUNCE OFF CLOUDS AND BOUNCE OFF PEOPLE N ANIMALS. Nickoli Tesla the inventor of the cell tower motor did not want to give the paperwork on that particular motor for the cell towers as he himself got sick from the electromagnetic waves, but they pressured it out of him.Ref Biography, So now ? we could all get sick ? and Injured ? like he did ? or worse due to the cell towers being placed in the wrong positions and bounceing waves off solar panel farms, rocks and walls. topography and elevation causeing close range injurys damageing to our health !!hurting the teeth,face nerves, cause swelling in the head, ears,brain ,heart,kidneys,ligaments,muscles,nervious system,bones,immune system,and all molecules in the human body.ACCORDING TO SOME SCIENTISTS AND ENVIROMENTAL DOCTORS! whos phone numbers are available on the computor Scientist and professor Dr.Andrew Michrowski at a expert in electromagnatic pollution and enviromental health, also Doctors and Carolyn (patient education) Enviromental Health Center Some citys and some rural areas and towns,should be wave free zones. TO THOSE PEOPLE WHO DID NOT GIVE PERMISSION FOR WIRELESS WAVES TO BE SENT THRU THEIR BODYS !! teeth and Brains, from towers,antennas,devises,and solar panels bounceing waves,rocks bounceing waves,smart meters,CONCENTRATED ELECTRICAL POLLUTION,and ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS CAUSED BY THEM,( some enviroments have different levels of radiation pollution ) Some areas are intolerable, to some people depending on their individual SAR (specific absorption rate ) Intolerable to some over long time or short time of absorption, causeing health problems,alergic reactions, cancer for one and other diseases, even death? BEES ARE NOT THE ONLY ONES FORCED TO LEAVE THEIR HIVES, PEOPLE HAVE BEEN FORCED TO LEAVE THEIR HOMES TOO BECAUSE OF TOO MUCH RADIATION  ( see >> testamonials, of people who have been hurt already ) Some have died, WE ARE THE EVIDENCE. ORG ( ELECTROMAGNETIC REFUGEES RF REFUGEES,EMF REFUGEES,WI FI REFUGEES, AND CELL TOWER REFUGEES ) NEED HELP FROM DOCTORS AND COMPENSATION FOR THEIR LOSSES of THEIR HOME and OR HOME SHEILDED.And be able to get on a list, and Goverment Form to sign, to receive compensation for their losses if they claim alergic to wireless radiation,some dont notice it at all,some are only mild alergic, others have extreme reactions,others over extreme reactions, see also see AS FAR AS SKEPTICS GO AND THOSE THAT DON'T BELEIVE, I find most are uninformed, uneducated on the subject, have wrong or incomplete information on what they do know,and just basically a lack of knowledge, Is why our experts are so important and helpful who have been studying the subject a long time.even tho they don't know everything and there is allways much more to learn, All skeptisium, ridicule and discrimination aside, (DISCRIMINATION) of this WIRELESS DISABILITY aside,caused by wireless waves, Whats important Is saveing the enviroment and people from, yes even skeptics from becoming electrosensitive as this dirty electrical pollution increases,many skeptics will become electrosensitive in the future but does everyone want to wait until that time when its too late to stop it and more damage is done? as OVERDOSEING ON WIRELESS IS WHAT CAUSES ELECTROSENSITIVITY in the first place...its RF and EMF INJURED!!!AND NOONE IS IMMUNE WERE ALL FLESH N BLOOD to be wise and smart and do PREVENTION FIRST should be the next goal,( safety first ) so VOTE FOR WAVE FREE ZONES .Also (EXZISTING SOLAR PANEL FARMS SHOULD HAVE A DIRT BURM PUT AROUND THEM SO AS NOT TO BOUNCE RF WAVES FROM CELL TOWERS ONTO OTHER PEOPLES PROPERTY CONCENTRATEING THE RF ENERGY TRESSPASSING ENERGY ONTO OTHER PEOPLES LAND)(see Archimedes the greek and mirrors ) New report from scientists and dentists is RF wireless waves bounceing off metal and caps in teeth as metal reflects microwave radiation and can focus it in other places in the head or body or thru the nervious system, causeing possible tumers and thru facial nerves causeing nerve vibrations and other health problems reaccuring infections, etc. and thru amlagam fillings cause a vapor called mercury poisoning in the brain and body of humans,and can cause sudden death or ? according to DAM Dental Amlagam mercury solutions Dentists and Scientists.( )They also offer a legal packet to remove a smart meter and replace with safe traditional meter.metal in teeth cause black gum disease and rf waves (electrons) push the disease faster to brain n heart and can turn cancerous,or into a tumer where electrons focus from the metal teeth,also with enouf intensity from metal in teeth and or ( FOCUSED ELECTRON FLOW ) could cause a radioactive brain hemmorage and cross the blood brain barrier, depending on various factors and circumstances,or other paridontal disease that effects heart n brain and other body organs.(see teeth and nerves connected to METAL & heart n brain,& nervous system) SEE REFRENCES WHERE NICKLE POISONING FROM TEETH RELEASE INTO THE BODYS SYSTEM WHEN RF WAVES HIT THE METAL IN THE MOUTH see refrences cell tower radiation and dental metals increase risk of cancer at, By Lloyd Burrell ps:// can speed up heart rate and make irregular heart rate at times depending on location)skip or stop,( metals make electrons flow which makes electricity flow ) see electric current around dental metals at also see Electrochemical action due to short-circuiting of dental in vitro and in vivo study. at also see how metal implants may exaggerate harmful effects posed by cell phone use, at also see Biocompatibility of dental casting alloys. at also see Calculate your radiation dose at also see Cell phone radiation and dental metal increase risk of cancer at Also see page 19 in the book dental truth put out by DAMS article titled Firstenberg's Invisible Rainbow A Portrait of How EMFS Can Harm at Dams Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions 1043 Grand Ave,No.317 St.Paul MN 55105 USA  Also see HEAVY METAL TOXICITY RAISES YOUR RISK OF ELECTROMAGNETIC SENSITIVITY At face nerve damage and infections in tooth roots, also facial paralysis and loss of control of facial expressions, and other body launguage,stiffness in limbs,or droopy face n body muscles and other conditions of the radio wave face nerves infected tooth nerves and metals in teeth can be researched as theres many articles on this subject. Also it can effect the heart. ONE OF THE METALS IN PHONES that attract waves is called coltan once mined in the congo of africa. Metal is a conductor for electricity,EMF and RF waves.according to D.D. a scientist for with more heavy metals in the body (like miners)or people useing copper tea pots n pans and other metal pots n is perfered to avoid metal overdose,heavy metals in the human body attract rf and emf waves more, and can become electro - sensitive to wireless electricity in the air.(electrosensitive is a sickness and depending on intensity can be scary,tramatizeing,terrorizeing,sometimes painful with many phonomonon simptoms sometimes can cause the body n teeth to become a conductor for electricity! ouch! absorbing the electromagnetic waves) see owners manuel for your cell phone its called SAR (specific absorption rate)which means,(how fast your body absorbs radiation) Silver is the most conductive metal as is copper,NICKLE (see metalurgy)the infancy of chemistry. Mercury is a conductor for electricity as are other metals in the human body,As is NIckle, Nickle used in dental work, And Nickle is also a known reliable conductor for electricity, researched as are other metals, Or those living near mines that burn coke or coal to process cement which put poison mercury emissions in the air, absorbed by the human body,to the brain and body.( SEE BODYS NATURAL ELECTRIC FIELD AND ORAHS ) Metals have orahs too.example like trying to push both positive sides or ends of two magnets togeather the resistance is the invisable force orah or halo. Orahs are sometimes called halos.( poisons can change your halo to a sick halo and you need to get healed with natural healing.) Also if your from the time era where children played with broken glass mercury thermometer's and absorbed more mercury over time you may have a mercury overdose.See book titled Wendys Story Healing from mercury.(Thermotex)Or concerning heavy metal overdose that attract wireless electricity from the air to the human body, as your phones metals conduct rf waves, same concept. definately not good for human health.( ringing in the ears and the frey sindrome which is ringing and humming inside the skull according to D.D.scientist for disconnect and ligament stiffness due to ligaments teeth etc,being piezoelectric also like the rocks)(simptoms vary and differ according to each individual,some worse than others depending on amount of metals and exposure)alpha beta waves that come out of cell towers and rf and emf waves can overpower our alpha beta brain waves.As brain waves travel at a slow pace or Hertz Frequency,8 hertz to 38 hertz. Rf waves travel at 22,000 megahertz per second at the speed of light .depending on circumstances sometimes could be TOO OVER POWERING FOR THE HUMAN BRAIN)expecially with AI ( Artificial Intelligence Computors in Control ) AND ROBOTS As George Jetson would say HEY JANE STOP THIS CRAZY THING!!as confusion and altered perception is wrong,also can cause memory problems,and rf waves at higher wattage and voltage going from non ionizeing to ionizeing on the spectrum caused by over concentration of waves creates a over pollution overdose of rf waves,interfering with messages from the D.N.A. to fight virus and diseases, CONCENTRATION IS THE PROBLEM UNBALANCED LEVEL OF RF WAVES, rf brain damage where the brain translates into a language of a negative nightmare messages to the victum,( as nightmare messages are what a brain does when damaged or poisoned, tho not true reality for others around only to the victum and only to the victums brain as its hurt and cant translate any other way until detoxed or healed ( a kind of histeria ) it could just be only a small part of the brain thats effected and translates nightmare messages from damages or poison.( ALL COUNTRYS SHOULD HAVE WAVE FREE ZONES) Not just America  for safety of the earths inhabitants. Home first, ALSO REPLACE RF WAVES WITH LANDLINE PHONES, Micheal Faraday scientist stated that r.f. waves cause rapid decay in the body! (Like a compost pile?) We are ageing fast enouf with out every molecule in our body being sped up according to Organic Chemistry.Causing the spin effect,makeing the electrons travel faster around the nucleous of each atom in our bodys. And they want to do highspeed internet to speed up the molecules even more? WARNING A HAZARD!! DO NOT DO THIS!!ON A HUGE SCALE!! STOP ENVIROMENTAL HAZARDS BEFORE THEY BEGIN! vote for wave free zones.( that includes satellite emmissions to certain areas of wave free zones) not only do RF WAVES BOUNCE OFF SOLAR PANELS! but bounceing waves off solar panels kill birds.(see ivanpah solar farm mojave desert state line)effect bees and animals.Also they should not blanket the earth with manmade radiation taking risks? PEOPLE CAN'T SMELL FEEL OR SEE RF WAVES UNTIL OVERDOSED by them, absorbing too much over time.depending on time spent near a path of a source.(Microwave fast cook or slow cook ?)( Nickoli Tesla stated that no attempt by him was being made to blanket the earth with radiation or mess with the earths natural emf feilds by him, and was for intelligence only, he stated.( so not wise ) Do we all want to lose our freedoms and have to wear radiation suits whereever we go as electric pollution increases? MAKING THE WORLD NOT A SAFE PLACE FOR BABIES CHILDREN AND ANIMALS to run free ? who dont have the ability to protect themselves? protect the innocent vote for wave free zones or become slaves to a restricted radioactive enviroment ? have to have a suit on to go outside? no more running free,in the immediate fast approching future you can't.As the FCC just approved 4,000 satellites for launch to beam rf to the earth,and are planning 20.000 more satellites for launch. and what about poor people that can't afford the suits and special houses to live in a radioactive enviroment? all this for a phone and a fancy typewriter ? which many dont want or need but would choose an alternative if one was provided or offered, so why not provide the alternative? to not provide a alternative, is not wise stop dirty electricity and electrical pollution in the air.( IT IS A AIR QUALITY CONTROL ISSUE ) A DANGEROUS ELECTRIC SMOG, why should I pay to smog my car to protect the enviorment from unseen gases that can kill us (carbon dioxide) When wireless electrical pollution is more dangerous and can kill us and take our freedom away from running free down the beach or desert or in the park, no more of that as electrical pollution increases from high technologie, better have a radiation suit on at all times, and what about babies n children and animals and pregnant poor moms who cant afford to buy the protection gear to protect from wireless waves?( mass mutations and mass sterlization? working towards a unhealthy enviroment? thats wrong)  A WAVE FREE ZONE, A SAFETY ZONE and a comparision zone even in scientific tests theres allways a placebo,The current Idea of blanketing the entire earth with radiation is NOT WISE OR BALANCED TO EVEN BE ABLE TO DO COMPARATIVE TESTS. It isnt yet but, ( THE EARTHS CRUST CAN GET OVERDOSED ) With rfs and emfs  ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS, Thats why grounding as a form of natural healing helps electrosensitive people, as well as chelation therepy to detox heavy metals, Thats another reason to VOTE FOR WAVE FREE ZONES, Do whats right, promote and VOTE FOR WAVE FREE ZONES before the air becomes too polluted with wireless electricity that (they) the wireless companys force our bodys to absorb against our will. no freedom of choice in America ? To live in wave free zones ? No freedom to run free ? In America? Keep our freedom to choose ( health). Vote for wave free zone's. Let me mention there are WIRELESS ACCIDENTS ! !, ( over exposure to rf and emfs due to wrong placement of towers and panels interacting with the enviroment bounceing off surfaces,rocks & walls etc. ( which is why wireless needs insulation ) To Prevent accidents. ( WIRELESS ACCIDENTS ) thats exactly what has happened to ***1st degree victums of radiation exposure *** who survived the overdose, living in the after effects they are ( CELL TOWER REFUGEES ) OR WIRELESS REFUGEES OR RF OR EMF REFUGEES, They have been forced to run away from their homes to avoid absorbing more RF / EMF waves of RADIATION, due to overdose of radiation.( REABSORPTION ) OR REEXPOSURE, Total devastation to their lives ( no time to pack had to run away from radiation immediately and leave everything, immediate emergency ) as the way it works the refugee had been absorbing radiation over a longer period of time until they reached a no tolerance level,very important to understand that as theves are not there that long.Radiation not only attacking their health expecially those with metal in their mouth and body, But vandals and theves then takeing advantage in their absence from home to do major damages to home and all their vechicles, make huge messes  and steal to all their belongings and those who had to leave quickly and leave personal info and family photos behind for identity theift, they need to at least shut off the tower long enouf to allow the cell tower refugee to pack and fix tires and buy boxes and fit the bill for the move as many cant afford to move and if they were there many years before the tower on a contract with another party paying for the land, and taxes,for years and years you were there before the tower or antenna or other enviromental hazards in the area, those hazards that should be another compensation for that also as alot of work went into establishing your home.expecially if you were a single mom or single parent and had to build your home from scratch adding all the improvements while raiseing kids,lots of work, sacrifice, and blood sweat n tears to make a home.doing most all the work yourself long hours of hard work to make a home,a person may have lost homes prior to this that should be taken into account, now that wireless waves are destroying the home this time and devalueing the property value,To zero as who can live in the radiation overdose zone for very long ? ( ITS BREACH OF CONTRACT FORCED BY CELL TOWER RADIATION OR CERT HAM RADIO ANTENNA INCLUDE ALL HEALTH ENVIROMENTAL HAZARDS IN THE AREA TO THE LIST.MADE HOMELESS AFTER PAYING 22 YEARS OR MORE AND THE TAXES TOO AND DOING ALL THE IMPROVEMENTS, made homeless and to walk off with nothing due to cell tower and other wireless overdoseing pollution in the home enviroment, MADE HOMELESS AFTER PAYING FOR YEARS NOT FAIR, ( WHERES THE COMPENSATION ? FOR THE DEVASTATION TO PEOPLES LIVES BY RADIATION OR CELL TOWERS ETC. ? WHERES THE CONSUMER REGISTER OR COMPLAINT FORM TO SIGN TO GET COMPENSATED FOR LIFE HOME HEALTH AND THE TOTAL DISTRUCTION BREECH OF CONTRACT DUE TO CELL TOWER RADIATION AND YEARS OF HAVING THAT AS HOME THE YEARS TIME AND MONEY DUMPED INTO HOME THAT WAS DISTROYED by being ( MADE UNLIVEABLE BY RADIATION ) And Health attacked, and chain reaction after effects example ( vandals and theves attack home in owners absence due to radiation sickness ) and BY RF AND EMF INJURY OVERDOSE BY WIRELESS RADIATION AND PERSONAL HEALTH AND BELONGINGS ? ( breech of contract because as your running away from home to get away from the cell tower radiation it costs to stay and make arrangements to stay at other places takes time money and transportation expenses traveling back n forth as now your a ( DISPLACED HOMEOWNER DUE TO RADIATION  ),, and trying to afford the expense to survive somewhere else away from home and to keep paying for a radiated home thats being destroyed by radiation and vandals and theves in your absence to flee from the radiation, Is too costly to your life. Also if the refugee has learned to detox they might return home to try and fix damages or pack some things only to find they are reabsorbing and must leave as they reach their tolerance level again. And are desperately searching for awncers to solve the expensive enviromental health hazard of cell tower radiation, also many people are skeptics and dont beleive you which make matters worse. AWNCER SEARCH ? WHAT TO DO? Thats why theres VOTE FOR WAVE FREE ZONES, write to p.o. box 584 Lucerne Valley California 92356 and lets work on solutions.*** ( 2nd degree victums of wireless radiation exposure )*** are some people who live farther away from the cell tower or rf or emf source of emmissions around 2 miles or so and they themselves or their animals have felt the effects of cell tower waves bounceing off solar panel farms. ( Who survived and are still trying to tolerate n survive still in their area )and there may be others living in that zone area who are allways gone at work most of the time so dont feel effects of radiation overdose and may have less metals in the body even tho they are around the same location and are positioned in a more insulated house or dont notice the effects due to different habits location elevation and body chemistry and less time spent there and lack of metal in teeth or not around bounceing rocks area.while others in the same zone are effected. ( OVERDOSE OF METAL NANO PARTICLES ) We are only suppose to have trace elements in our bodys, Not overdose on metal nano particles, Is like pouring a gallon of sand down a drain,Thats hard to unclog, in the human body the lymphatic system is the drain, Dont clog it up with too many METAL Nano Particles, like those manufactured in India. OVERDOSEING US. We are only suppose to have a trace of elements in the human body. THEREFORE ,NO NANO PARTICLES IN WAVE FREE ZONES. What about wireless crimes ? committed on purpose ?  EVER HEARD OF HACKERS? or frequency tracking devises? put in shoes or things? ( example internet of things ) these systems used for unlawful financial gain could keep specialty lawyers and detectives buzy a long time.( The criminals could frame a innocent person as is the habits of criminals they do the crime n blame someone else a innocent person ) See Campaign European Digital Rights,called Digital Courage, See National Confrence of State Legislatures Article states healthcare and public sector accounted for more than half of the personal privacy breeches in 2017 Verizon Report on Cyber Attacks and Data Breeches of personal information of almost 145.000 people to a criminal enterprise, Also recent Equifax Data Breech which exposed sensitive personal info of nearly 146 million Americans.Many people are followed and monotored without their knowledge with wireless according to articles researched on this subject, Organized Crime Robbery, may account for some cases of being overdosed on rf waves and gang stalking or electronic harrassment for criminals own financial gain, More research can be done on this. HOWEVER LIFE IS SACRED LETS MAKE IT SWEET n beautiful and get rid of the threat. ( VOTE FOR WAVE FREE ZONES ) for example (People can also become ***(3rd degree victums of wireless radiation exposure)***( REPEATED CRIME VICTUMS of perpertrators ), BULLIE'S Who for financial gain USE AND MANIPULATE Wireless devises and have access to such equipment,(example x navy,x military, coast guard,cert ham radio operators,use of the equipment for ELECTRONIC HARRASSMENT ROBBERY,misuse of radar,cyberstalking or gang stalking,or to promote religious cult beleif"s, or political or racest (genocide) or prejudice views,promote discrimination,a variety of crimes, for different reasons,committed by radio operators, and electronics experts.WHATEVER THE REASONS CRIME IS CRIME.called many things Termed WIRELESS CRIME or Electronic Harrassment,( many for financial gain manipulated by wireless devises used for electronic harrassment robbery for financial gain ( sometimes useing drones with cameras ) and degradement of the victum for self permotion.(a crime) hackers can steal victums information and manipulate it thru homeinvasion or tresspassing into victums land or home when they are not home,degrade the victum and discredit them.also identity theift, STAY AWAY FROM CONSPIRACY THERORIES, that are only bad for the mind and emotions, And just look at scientific facts and listen to victums stories and document them to get a clear view of the enviromental health hazard caused by EMFS. SOME PEOPLE ARE JUST ALERGIC TO RADIO WAVES.( ALSO SOME PEOPLE WERE EXPOSED TO A EARILER ENVIROMENTAL HAZARD YEARS AGO,FOR EXAMPLE THE COLD WAR, FOR EXAMPLE URAINIUM HAS A HALF LIFE TO DECAY INTO A DIFFERENT ELEMENT AS IT DECAYS INTO DIFFERENT ELEMENTS, AS DO OTHER ELEMENTS USED AT THAT TIME, people who were exposed to the coldwar or may be experianceing simptoms now as the elements reach their half life and EMF EFFECTS THEM. Thats another reason to stay away from suspiscion and conspiracy therorys, as crewlty and fighting over this is never the right awncer as ignorance and crewlty run hand in hand. once again listen to victums storys of rf and emf sensitivity those alergic to radio waves some facts are hidden so jumping to conspiracy therory conclusions only add to the confusion, but the victums may have experianced simptoms and this is their only way of interpreting them, take all into consideration when investigating health effects and look at corilations. what matches.also the FCC Federal communications commission, should not approve more satellites to beam rf or 5g to earth (*** createing 4th degree victums of radiation***) ( from satellite emissions ). in WAVE FREE ZONES .(see who has satellites in space) different religions, some cult religions, some political parties? contributing to electrical rf pollution on the earth. To prevent *** 5th degree victums of wireless radiation exposure,*** ( from devices ), Expecially on trains and public transportation , shared spaces, people should not be able to lean their laptops up against the back of someone elses seat, to avoid absorption into the other persons back.Second hand absorption is from contact from someone elses devise or in some healing techniques someone elses body absorbed rf into the other persons body, adult to adult only. a child absorbing from a adult wouldn't be benificial to the child if adult had too high of a level, and may have adverse effects,children should not be exposed first hand to rf devises.However a non exposed adult could take excess rfs from the child would be beneficial. rf transfer from human body to human body for example like second hand smoke, in this case second hand radiation. wireless can cause R.F. Pain Sindrome,inflammmation and bad health issues even if just from the enviroment itself.R.F.pain sindrome, is complicated as someparts of the inside of the brain don't have feeling and so its a sneek attack that effects the muscles of the face and the entire body cause swelling of the head and face and limbs with fliuds (swelling even to the point of looking like a deformity) As rf waves try to reach metal in teeth thru the top of the head 24/7 can make top of head skin soar to the touch, and effect face nerves that allow one to smile and cause frowning due to limp muscles and can make muscles limp in the entire body due to short circuit of the nervious system by rf waves trying to get to metal in teeth and can cause itchy back or feeling like worms crawling or pins and needles,also sitting with back of head level with a cell tower or other rf emmitting devises can effect the optic nerves in the eyes causeing them to go cross eyed or have distorted or double vision of the things and people in the surroundings, total manipulation by rf waves... don't create*** 5th degree victums of radiation*** thru laptops, babymonotors, cell phones, wireless devices,*** 6th degree radiation victums*** ( are suffering from medical radiation ) overdose sometimes mixed with medications (cooked)by rad waves, can cause bipolar and radiation induced cancer by medical radiation etc. and effect the the nervious system,and all body parts.( depending on repeated exposer ) as when rf has been exsorbed once it makes a easier pathway for reabsorption, To help get rid of bad health effects, Choose Good,You decide.What do you think? This petition is... VOTE FOR WAVE FREE ZONES.. there needs to be WAVE FREE SAFETY ZONES, people should have a choice, to be able to live in WAVE FREE ZONES in rural communitys and some citys. people should have a choice as different communitys should have the right to Vote for WAVE FREE ZONES and be able to live in a WAVE FREE ZONES.also see petition VOTE FOR EARTH BALANCED PROJECTS IN WAVE FREE ZONES, the awncer to the problem. Its best to not take risks and allways choose SAFETY FIRST !! SEEK PEACE AND PURSUE IT.also see other petition titled vote for earth balanced projects in wave free zones.( Natural Healing ) the leaves of the trees are for the healing of the nations the herbs of the feild for mans medicine ( Ref.) Jer.(You may print out these petitions and copy them, and present them.E.M. to whom ever you wish and get more signers, and present them to whomever you wish , as thats what they are for,E.M.(HELP!!) Lets get 100,000 on the ballet,(Give a child a poison toy then try to take it away thats very difficult, Shouldn't have given the child the poison toy to begin with, (humans make mistakes that need to be corrected) To err is human (Opps!)The only awncer would be to replace it with a safer toy.(a phone) that offered alot of the same similar features (A safe landline without the (RADIATION) that had text,sendpictures,voicemail  AND MANY ACCESSABLE POST OUTLETS EVERYWHERE,(Also pull in car parking spaces for people to plug into safe insulated no wireless radiation free phone zones,would also cut down on phone distracted traffic accidents,ref.AAA Auto Club and texting while Driveing, example ( S.A.F.E. INSULATED COMMUNICATIONS ) IN WAVE FREE ZONES..AND FOR WAVE FREE ZONES...Time to dezine NEW AND SAFE LANDLINES WITHOUT THE RADIATION!! A new dezine like in the parking lots like the old fashioned drive in movies where you pull into a space and bring the landline into your car window to text and send pictures etc.,Bring back phone booths and super insulated buried lines, WATCH THE 5 G APOCALYPSE SHOWS ON U TUBE and the meeting with congress the scientists and the wireless companys, In these meetings you see where the mistake was made of the wireless companys not putting one penny towards health and safety tests they assumed it was safe, and as congress stated in the meetings so were flying blind here as far as health n safety gos ? Yes they are and people in every country in the world have gotton hurt, Stop the harm caused by ignorance and neglect (HUMAN MISTAKES AND ERROR)(they have allready launched 60 satellites from the kennedy space center to beam 5G to the earth and they want to launch 20.000 more to blanket the earth with 5G radiation it will increase the radiation overdose 50% and even more percentages, SOMETHING NICKOLI TESLA SAID HE DID NOT WANT TO DO WAS BLANKET THE ENTIRE EARTH WITH RADIATION!! Solarpanel farms plus cell towers dont mix ( cell tower waves bounceing off solar panel farms is the dezine for A GIANT MICROWAVE OVEN to cook the earths inhabitants and adds to global warming as the waves head to the sky and space ) HELP STOP THE 5G Apocalypse,watch the 5G apocalypse shows on u tube and the meetings at congress and,(SEE SECOND PETITION) titled... VOTE FOR EARTH BALANCED PROJECTS IN WAVE FREE ZONES..., this is the first petition VOTE FOR WAVE FREE ZONES. Write to, A CELL TOWER REFUGEE Estella Faye Miller P.O.Box 584 Lucerne Valley California 92356

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VOTE FOR WAVE FREE ZONES Petition signers, just a reminder, Go by your local Post Office and pick up the form to register to vote fill it out and mail it in. Thank You at Vote for wave free zones
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