Consider Conjugal Visits For Texas Prisons

  • by: Ruby Cerda
  • target: Women And Men Of Incarcerated Spouses

I am a 34 year old single mother and I am starting this petition because my husband has been locked up for 20 years for a crime he committed now don't get me wrong I truly believe that if you do the crime you should do the time, but that is not what this petition is about its about the situation I am in as a faithful wife and somehow I feel Im not the only wife/girlfriend out there who feels that the state of Texas should allow wives to have a weekend pass to stay over night with their husbands, of course the requirement for the inmate would be good behavior. I know some of you may feel that this will lead to safety issues, however I think there will be less violence in the prisons. inmates will want to be on there best behavior to have these visits, they have alot of prisons like this all around the world except Tx Prisons why not Texas? They said they would never bring the lottery to Tx and they did so why not have conjugal visits here in Tx. Its what people live for and die for, it helps inmates from going crazy not knowing what there spouses are doing and it will also save some marriages knowing you can still be Intimate with your spouse and would help save a marriage especially inmates that are doing alot of time, alot of inmates get devorced or there wives leave them to be with someone else because they get lonely and when they get paroled they get into alot of trouble or they come to prison because they didnt have there spouses to keep them out of trouble so they go meet new people and that where the troible starts, yall could really save relationships or marrage if we could just have conjugal visits in Tx. It will really help keep relationships strong so we can be there for our loved ones when they get out, alot of men go crazy knowing that there girlfriends or wives left them to the point where they dont care what kinda of trouble they get into and then it also starts trouble with there families because they got into more trouble and they picked up another case, so please save a marriage, my marriage so we can be strong and help each other through hard times as well as other relationship who also feel this way.

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