We're still dying! End the Genocide of BIPOC!

  • by: Tokyo Baldwin
  • recipient: The US Government/President Joe Biden

To the Government of the United States/Joe Biden.

"We the people" have been forgotten. It is and has always been your job as leaders of this nation, to protect your people. All of them. Instead you put systems in play to oppress us. You allow for Amendments to be created to destroy us. You have poisoned us against one another to benefit from the division that you have created.
You have implemented slavery and Jim Crow laws. You have allowed for segregation and police brutality to thrive for hundreds of years. You have deputized citizens to pursue and lynch black men, women, and children. You allowed the Tuskegee experiment to be conducted on thousands of Black men, without informing them. You deny the Genocide of the indigenous people who inhabited this country before Plymouth rock and before Christopher Columbus. You have facilitated the deaths of BIPOC for your lifetime, your fathers lifetimes, and for the duration of our existence in this country. You are also at fault for our gruesome and unwelcomed arrival to this Country. Let us not forget the 40 acres and a mule that you reneged on. 40,000 freed black slaves were given 40 acres and a mule. Abraham Lincoln was then assasinated. You, the US Government capitalized on his death to steal back the land that was promised to us. The value of this land today would be over 640 billion dollars. You have failed us as a whole and we will not forget. We will not abate.

We built this Country. Our blood sweat and tears. From slaves to migrant workers and refugees. We built the "White House" and manicured its lawns for those that hate us to live more comfortably. We fought in your civil war and saved this country for you. We fought as Tuskegee airmen and never lost a pilot. That feat was and is still unprecedented. We want reciprocity now.

We do not want reparations invested into communities that do not acknowledge, or include BIPOC. We do not want any other people to determine where our money goes and how we are able to live. We do not want your hostility or your hate. We do not expect your acceptance but we are also no longer asking for it. We want what we are owed. Nothing less will suffice.

However, you cannot repay life.
BIPOC want:
A life for a life. If any unarmed BIPOC are killed by any person, law enforcement or otherwise, we want a 30yr mandatory minimum sentence, period. Stop allowing your hate to spill into our homes, schools, and communities. We are here because of your folly US Government. Own it.

BIPOC want the 40 acres and a mule, or the equivalent in reparations for, all decendants of slaves and indigenous people; this should include families and decendants of slaves and indigenous tribes that were extinguished from 1607 to the present date; starting with those from the original 13 British colonies. This should be known as the "40 acre and a mule reparations fund".

BIPOC want the means to leave this country and relocate to any country of our choosing. This would be entirely funded by the US Government. The amount funded would be at least equivalent, to any eligible persons share of the "40 acres and a mule reparation fund".

BIPOC want all property from the former "Black Wall Street" relinquished immediately to those who should have inherited those properties, in addition to whatever land is or was attached at the time of its destruction.

Native Americans/Indigenous people want their land back. All of it.

BIPOC want to be given acknowledgment for all of their accomplishments. No exceptions. They should be given full rights to any inventions and all monies should be repaid to those inventors or descendants of those responsible for said creation, idea, property, blueprints, royalties etc...

BIPOC would like the inalienable rights restored to us that are afforded to us by the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Roe v Wade being overturned disproportionately affects BIPOC's families and communities. This needs to be undone immediately. BIPOC are given the bare minimal in Healthcare services already. We are already given the least amount of resources in our communities and schools. This decision should have been about women and should only have ever been decided by women, not a jury of predominantly male parties.

This is just the beginning. The list will grow as the people of this country begin to realize that they have a voice. We are together, not one of us stands alone. We are equals.

Sincerely "We the People".

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