Help me put 4th time dog abuser away-PLEASE SIGN! WE NEED TO STOP HIM!

  • by: Dianne Lynn Elko
  • target: Kane County Attorney's Office in St.Charles,Illinois

This petition is to make sure that a 4TH time dog abuser pays for what he did.Phillip Rinn,of Kane County in St.Charles,Illinois was charged 17 years ago for abusing his dog named Royal;he chained Royal to the back of his vehicle and dragged him,when the dog did not die he ran it over,them dumped the body.He was given 3o days in jail,a fine of $500.00,2 years probation,100 hours of community service and made to promise in court to the judge that he would never abuse another animal again.
Well either he kept that promise for 17 years or never got caught again in that time (I believe the latter)
On November 15th,2010 police responded to a call of a man beating a dog in the 300 block of South Kendall Street in St.Charles Township in Illinois.Thet found the 6 foot tall 350# Phillip Rinn,beating a 1 year old lab/shepard in the face!
Magda had to be taken to the V.A.C. Aurora Animal Shelter for treatment;several of the dogs teeth were broken.The dog was treated and will recover.Rinn was charged with misdemeanor.The Kane County State Attorney's Office is considering an upgrade to felony charges.
Please join me in making sure they do,thank you.
Messages can be sent to Kane County Judicial Center at 37W777 Route 38-suite 300 in St.Charles,Illinois,60175---phone # 1-630-232-3500.I will direct this petition to them. 
This man is a repeat animal abuser,I did a petition on this man a year ago and he has been caught 2 more times since.When will they do someting about him and stop allowing him to be around animals?We need to send a stronger message this time!

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Link to my old petition  693 signs(closed)

We the petition signers want to see Phillip Rinn stopped from continuously abusing innocent animals.We the petition signers think it is very much needed that the charges of felony be brought forth on Phillip Rinn and nothing less than that.We urge you to charge him to the fullest extent of the law for St.Charles,Illinois and be fined and sentenced to jail time and that he NEVER be allowed to own another animal again.We believe Phillip Rinn has more than proven that he is a threat to all of society-animals and humans.We thank you for your time on this very important issue,sincerely the petition signers.He is the classical repeat animal abuser,and we demand this man never be allowed to own or even be around another animal again.He has been charged over and over and nothing has ever been done about it.This is our second petition against this man.

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