Tell London’s Leaders: Tackle the Litter Problem!

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  • recipient: London’s 32 borough councils and the City of London
Living in a metropolitan area comes with some lovely benefits – often it means you have access to great public transportation, a diversity of people and cultures to interact with, and availability of many different kinds of goods, foods, and experiences to enjoy. But with such a richness and density of life come certain pitfalls – like waste clogging pavements and streets.

For example, residents of London have noticed a sharp increase in littering around their city.This litter is bad for Londoners who see it as an eyesore, but it's also bad for the environment, wildlife, mobility and accessibility, and general human health. Yet some tenants' associations say their repeated complaints about the littering problem have gone unheeded. We can't let this problem continue to get more and more out of hand!

Sign the petition to encourage London's 32 borough councils to uphold their Reduction and Recycling Plans (RRPs) and get London's waste problem under control!

Several years ago, London's borough councils came up with plans to reduce waste, boost recycling, and thus cut down on litter in the city. But these plans – Reduction and Recycling Plans, or RRPs – were developed before the COVID-19 pandemic began and every government's resources across the globe were suddenly stretched very thin. While the RRPs developed were well-meaning, there is still obviously a lot of work to be done to cut down on litter in London. 

When refuse piles up on the edges of pavements and streets, it becomes extremely difficult or even impossible for people with mobility challenges to get around. That includes – but is in no way limited to – people who are blind, use wheelchairs, or are elderly. Navigating a constant maze of unexpected items underfoot can quickly lead to injuries and falls, or worse. When people have to worry about this level of basic safety, it means they no longer feel able to independently leave their homes and take care of their needs.

On top of that, items like plastic bottles and more can leach toxic chemicals into our waterways and soil, poisoning the very earth and water we rely upon each day. This insidious type of pollution can hurt our health and the health of our families. 

Wildlife often mistake trash for food, getting stuck in plastic items or ingesting harmful materials that can lead to shocking, painful deaths. Even pets walking around with their humans often eat or lick unsafe littered items! This trash is also covered in germs that can cause infection and disease in both our furry companion animals and ourselves.

It's clear there are numerous reasons why allowing litter to pile up in London is simply not safe – not safe for us, our children, our pets, wildlife, or even the Earth. As the city's elected leaders, it is up to those who hold council seats in each of London's boroughs to tackle this problem head on. The RRPs originally laid out are a wonderful start, but obviously they are not nearly effective enough or being enforced properly. Sign the petition to demand that London's borough councils uphold their commitments to waste reduction, and do everything in their power to keep London safe and clean!

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