Demand governments Stop creating racism.

    Why are our governments trying to change everything we know with their racial bullshit about slogans here and there none of us are racist anymore put an end to the governments racism. they are creating these issues and propaganda to get people to hate each other for no reason. Is all this necessary really this is what they want to waste our tax dollars on.
    No sports teams need to be changed into anything else but what they already are. Cleveland Indians doesn’t need to change uncle Ben’s doesnt need to change Eskimo pies don’t need to change. That’s tearing down culture in The world as we know it. You’re erasing our history today. history and cultures we will not be able to rewrite nobody needs to change any slogans because your toothpaste says whitening how ridiculous can you possibly be. The only racism that there is any more is the way that we treat animals speciesism is racism. They’re culling our culture like they cull unwanted animals. We will not stand for this government races and propaganda crap anymore if you agree please sign this petition. Freedom of what what freedoms do we have any more this is the land of the free this is the land of the mask so you have no voice. Stand up for yourselves sign this petition. I’m a white American girl and I love everybody I don’t care what color you are what race you are if you got two arms two legs no legs at all we all bleed the same damn color we all feel pain stop letting people dictate our lives anymore we want what we want and that is for you not to change everything we’ve ever known. Please voice your opinion in the signatures about how you feel and how racist you really are. Racism is really way outdated get a grip government we the people are ready to take it up a notch. Evolve to the next level even though you don’t want us too we’re going to anyways with or without you. You can COVID-19 us all into our houses but it’s not gonna work. The government is racist against us the people of the world you and me and your neighbors everybody you know. pass this petition on please, and thank you from my hometown of what once was fabulous Las Vegas. Which is now nothing not so fabulous Las Vegas anymore.
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