Help Save and Rebuild the Lake Ecosystem in Eagle Springs Today.

Over the past couple years, life in Eagle Springs lakes has been rapidly dying out. In order to rehabilitate the ecosystem we must act now. By adding marine plants and aquatic life we could rebuild the ecosystem and give it a chance to thrive once again. In just two steps we could revive the once majestic ecosystem.

  •  Step one, Add aquatic plants and structure (such as lilly pads and fallen trees) to help replenish oxegen amounts and take out carbon dioxide released by fish. By adding structure this will create a mini habitate which will create more life.

  • Step two, Add fish species such as Large mouth bass, blue gill, and fat head minnows. By adding these three fish you will increse the bio diversity in the lake which in turn is healthy for the ecosystem. 

After completeing these two steps all you have to do is reap the benifits. Advantages to the lakes and the community are endless. First of all, the lake will be much more pleasing to the eye because it will be taming with life and the water itself will become more clear. Another great reason for having fish like large mouth bass in the lakes is it will also greatly decline the amount of mosquitos living around the ecosystems because they are one of the main food sources for these fish and many other fish. Just by having fish in the community lakes will also bring in more people to the community which in turn can help the local economy. Please sign in order to save the once majestic ecosystems and gain the benifits of doing so.

Update #21 years ago
Thank you so much. We almost have met our goal. We just need a couple more friends to sign the petition to save the ecosystems. If you just have a few seconds just send a quick message to you friends. If would mean so much to me if we can reach our goal. This has been a really long process and we are almost there. Thank you so much, god bless.
Update #11 years ago
Thank you all for helping save The lake ecosystems in eagle springs. I encourage everyone to help spread the word and share this petition to your friends and family. It would help save the ecosystem more efficiently and faster. The more people who sign the better. Once again thank you.
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