HSU: Feed Your Vegan Students!

    I am a new student at HSU. I have been vegan for four years, so when I first visited the campus I made sure to ask about vegan options. The response I got was positive, but a few days after I moved here, I began to unintentionally lose weight due to the lack of protein rich foods, or sometimes, simply a lack of food.
    Humboldt State University was rated a top vegan college by peta2 in 2012, but now they only serve vegan breakfast on mondays, when they always run out early. The J cafeteria's vegan food is irregular, sometimes serving up to four available options for one meal, sometimes serving only vegetables and soup so spicy it may cause someone to choke.
    I am petitioning to have a significant amount, 30-50+% of all foods served on campus to be vegan or have vegan alternatives. I am petitioning to have vegan breakfast, such as pancakes or toast, served every morning, with enough of a supply to feed all students. I am petitioning to have vegan desserts available. I am petitioning to have and see a significant number of vegan labels.
    And finally, I am petitioning to be able to stay vegan and healthy without overspending.
    Update #3about a month ago
    Hello vegans!
    The J recently started labeling previously vegan potato-based foods including hashbrown triangles and fries as vegetarian. A dining employee explained that they are frying them in a non-vegan oil.
    It is currently unclear if this is a recent change or they were mislabeling before. It should be noted that if they are not frying in vegetable oil it is possible that they are using a meat based oil.
    Please contact HSU dining to protest this new development.
    Update #22 months ago
    Hello vegans!
    I notified dining services of the petition and dinner has been good the last two days. While I wouldn't consider it a certain victory, things are looking up!
    Now it's breakfast that's being targeted. They know how to make good vegan pancakes, but they've only made them once! Pancakes with dairy are made almost everyday, so why?!
    Thank you and stay vegan!
    Update #12 months ago
    Hello. I just wanted to thank everyone who signed the petition and encourage you to share it on your social media platforms. If you are a student at HSU you can also contact Ron of dining services to strengthen the vegan voice here. His email can be found on HSU's dining services website.
    Thank you and stay vegan!
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