Demand harshest penalty for Richard A. Keihl Jr., kitten murderer.

  • by: Audrey
  • target: Hon. James P. Punch

::: This incident occured last year, but he has NOT been sentenced yet. Keihl is scheduled to be sentenced on April 29, 2013 :::

  A jury in Orleans County, NY, has ruled that Richard Keihl acted with unjustified cruelty by causing fatal injuries to a three-month-old kitten last year. Richard A. Keihl Jr., 31, of 1814 East Townline Rd. in the town of Yates was charged with felony aggravated cruelty to an animal and misdemeanor endangering the welfare of a child after an investigation by Sgt. Dean Covis into the incident that occurred on Memorial Day weekend of 2012.

Keihl was arrested in June after allegedly causing fatal injuries that led to the death of the three-month-old cat. According to the testimony of 12 year old Jordan Gulczewski, who lived at the Heritage Meadows Apartments, on the afternoon of May 26 while Keihl was visiting his girlfriend at the apartment complex, "He picked up a little kitten from the garden and brought it to the sidewalk... and punted it." "He picked it up (again) and kicked it into a dumpster." Gulczewski said Keihl then walked over to her, saying "you little brat, you've seen nothing."

Dr. Sean P. McDonough of Cornell University, a veterinary pathologist who performed an autopsy of the cat, testified that it's body had a "pattern of bruises from at least two bouts of trauma." Jurors sided with the case brought by District Attorney Joe Cardone, who called Keihl's actions "unjustifiable and senseless."

Keihl faces up to two years in prison for the cruelty conviction. He is scheduled to be sentenced April 29, 2013.

We are asking for the harshest possible penalty allowed by law for the monster Richard A. Keihl Jr., with no chance of early release.

This man brutally and senselessly drop kicked a kitten in front of a child for no apparent reason, resulting in fatal injuries to the kitten and undoubtedly inflicting emotional trauma on the child.

Any human being capable of committing an attrocity such as this on an innocent and defenseless being poses not only an obvious threat to other animals, but should also be considered a danger to society. We therefore call for the maximum possible sentence allowed by law.

I am sure that most of us can agree that our pets are like children to us. Having said that I will ask, what if this were your pet? This man not only brutally took the life of an innocent kitten, but he did so in front of a child. No child should have to witness an act of such unadulterated violence and cruelty.

Richard A. Keihl Jr. is a person who preys on the innocent. We therefore ask that you please give the kitten the justice it deserves, and send a message that cruelty to animals is NEVER acceptable and will be met with harsh consequences.

Thank You!!!

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