Koch Brothers --- Invest in Cleaner Greener Energy rather than Petroleum. Before its too late!

Climate Change is continuing and science shows it is man-made.....newer studies are showing it is accelerating and potentially causing even more damage, morbidity and mortality, and potentially extinction of many species....eventually possibly even humanity as we know it.......

Humanity needs to move beyond petroleum, natural gas, and coal.....The Koch Brothers who have made their fortunes via these poisons could, and should, use their wealth to move the world into the future safely.....

This petition encourages them to lead....and they will reap profits while doing good....

Dear Mr. Charles and Mr. David Koch,

 With the upcoming midterm elections the two of you must be feeling very sad about the vilification you constantly are receiving from “the liberal” and “environmental” movements.

As a compassionate and caring individual I would like to give you some advice that I hope will lessen this criticism. First, however, we must deal with some issues, or facts, to set up the stage for this discussion. Second, you must realize the truth that “facts don’t go away just because you want or deny them”.


Fact: You are extremely wealthy and clearly would like to use your wealth to strengthen your political influence, business associations, and financial security.

Fact: You have gained your wealth via the energy industry, specifically through the petrol/oil/gasoline industry.

Fact: Because of your wealth and business experience you are leaders in business and energy investments. When you invest, others follow.   Furthermore, when you donate to political leaders they will support your wishes in the energy industry.

Fact: The world’s current energy sources --- coal, oil, natural gas --- are causing environmental destruction and climate change. The mining and extraction processes, their transportation, and refining causing air and water pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, overuse of water, and great political debate which is causing the two of you to be considered greedy destroyers of our planet.

The world’s current major energy sources are also not “forever”. We may be able to extend their lifetime supplies by digging deeper or drilling in more remote and dangerous places ; however, they are finite and will create potentially devastating destruction beforehand.

On the other hand, “clean renewable” sources of energy such as wind-power, solar, geothermal, etc are not as environmentally dangerous and will last forever….or at least until the end of the solar system and earth.


You are parents, you are intelligent, you are philanthropic.   Now is the time for you to combine these three abilities and diversify.  

If you would openly and honestly call on Koch Industries to stop investing in the dangerous petrol related energy of our past century, and to honestly invest in cleaner, safer, renewable, “greener” energy systems you could lead our world into a new future.  

Studies have shown the potential benefits of investing in “alternative energy” and you would lead other wealthy investors. You already have the business knowledge and infrastructure to lead in this issue and other s would follow.

You could reap even more profits, while leaving your descendants a healthier and safer world. We liberals/environmentalists/”treehuggers” would have to admit you were leaders in helping society take the necessary steps in saving our world from ourselves.


For the future. For your children, grandchildren, and all children of the world I strongly urge you to consider this proposal

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