We pay taxes that go to state and federal government that is supposed to be used to protect us as citizens, better our schools and education. The list goes on and on. Instead our government uses it to pay themselves very well while keeping American workers at home? We give billions to other countries in our hard earned money every year! Imagine if we spent those billions every year on our childrens education! This year were going to be paying taxes for education that we have to provide to our own children! (That's government tax fraud by the way) How much are regular people going to get paid to be teachers this year? We pay for police protection in our taxes as business's (in some states) are burned down and looted! (Government tax fraud) Do those small businesses get a bailout from politicians? Where is the money to fix all this destruction going to come from? Ill give everyone a hint... Our taxes will increase and we'll all be paying for this nonsense! Race, color, and creed will not matter! Middle and lower class America will pay for all of it! And thats how all these politicians see it! They are never on the hook. Now imagine if had enough citizens that stopped paying our federal and state taxes?! Instead of us worrying about taking care of our families and if we have enough money coming in to take care of our own, politicians and government agencies who would then be receiving nothing and would have some serious decisions to make! We the people would be begged to negotiate! Instead of a bunch of selfish bought off politicians working for whatever agenda they have been lobbied and payed off to carry out... They would have to come crawling to us so they could continue to receive their paychecks and free health care and dental that we pay for! (Do you or your neighbors get free health and dental from taxpayers?) The IRS cant get us all and we pay them too! This is just a very small example of how us little people get run into the dirt by our almighty gods/ oops I mean our politicians... I really cant think of a better way to grab ahold of our runaway spoiled government than to take their money straight out of their back pocket like they do to us every paycheck! No matter your race religion or creed we have been way to giving and nice to our government with our hard earned money and they spit it back in our faces repeatedly year in and year out! If we can together get millions of people to change a few digits on our W2s our government will have to pay attention to us little people in a hurry! They will have no choice but to listen to what WE THE PEOPLE truly need and believe in spending our hard earned money on! If we can get organized on something like this we will be able to change every Americans lives for the better as we allocate our money to where Americans of all races and creed need it most!
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