Enforce Humane Care of Animals! THE CITY OF RICHMOND CODE, 91.16

  • by: Theresa Smillie
  • target: The Mayor of the City of Richmond, Indiana: Sally Hutton, and City Council Members: Howard "Jack" Elstro, Misty Hollis, Clayton Miller, Kelley Cruse-Nicholson, Ron Oler, Larry Parker, Phil Quinn, Don Winget and Bruce Wissel

Our City has a code for humane care for dogs and it is not being followed, it is not being enforced. Animal Control who is only one person, can never get to the ones that are in this predicament because their time is tied up chasing dogs at large and do not have the authority to make the changes needed, for the follow-ups, for seeking them out. The delay and/or no authority to do anything is causing animals to suffer and die.

The animals in our community deserve better than living Without Food, Shelter, Water, Chained Outside on Short Leads 24/7. This is a horrible way to exist and is the reason the citizens of Richmond added these ordinances. We need the code enforced!

The owners of these animals, that are in essence being neglected & abused, ARE getting away with it because no one is speaking up.

The city of Richmond Leadership is complaining we haven't the money for another animal control person…If the laws WERE ENFORCED we would! Unlicensed dogs, Chained dogs on leads less than 10 feet, No water, No food, No shelter, Neglect, Abuse. FINE THEM. Then we would have the money to pay for another animal control officer or City Code Enforcer AND people would think twice about not following the humane care ordinances.

As taxpayers and citizens of Richmond, Indiana, we want Richmond to enforce the humane care ordinances on the books already. PLEASE.

Dear animal loving citizen of Richmond Indiana,

Dogs are being chained 24/7 without shelter, food or water in our community, please sign this petition to get our ordinances enforced. We need to draw the line on animal neglect and abuse in our community. The laws are there, we need them enforced.

Thank you.

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